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Hello, Wax Trax! people,

For all our U.S. folks, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. Now the fun officially begins as we slide into December and before you know it…Hello 2016!



That’s right, now’s your chance to take advantage of our one day holiday sale. We don’t care if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Devil day, Front 242 Worship day, or whatever…’TIS THE SEASON!
BIG discount on ALL clothing.  Pailhead, Pig, FLA, FRONT 242, LAIBACH, etc… now you can get your shopping out of the way for that special Wax Trax! fan (or just look good yourself by getting some fancy duds at a deep discount!)

The details= WAX TRAX! Online Store on Monday 11/30/15. Enter DREAMNEEDLE as a promo code at checkout and get 25% all clothing.

But remember…NOTHING STAYS (On Sale past Monday) Ugh, sorry


As some of you Kickstarter backers already know, we’ve been busy this month as gifts from our Kickstarter campaign have been hitting the postal stream. We will be sending out an official Kickstarter update this upcoming week to summarize the campaign so all you backers
will have a better idea of where we are with fulfillment and what still is expected.


As we mentioned recently, a couple of Wax Trax! all stars are still out on the road.

Our Sinister friends in MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT will be riding the mindway in the US for another 2 weeks. The shows have been fabulous with Groovie Mann and Company in classic form. The Electric Messiah Tour will conclude in Texas on December 13th. Better get on the stick boy…After that,  the days of swine and roses will be over!

Also-We were lucky to be able to check out Paul Barker on his latest stint with Puscifer as their production came through Chicago. Part concert… part theater… part full nelson body slams in the wrestling ring. All I can say is I never imagined Mr. Barker would look so dignified in a luchador mask…This show is highly recommended!



Yep-As many of you learned earlier this week, new UNDERWORLD album and UK tour this Spring! Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future will be released this March and can be pre-ordered here.


I’ve said this before, but Underworld will always hold a very special place in my heart. Besides being an undeniable classic in the Wax Trax! catalog, the band was one of the last artists signed by my dad before he passed. For a lot of us, they represented the last of an era as the direction and tone of the label shifted at the time. We cannot wait to hear the new release and hopefully a US tour won’t be far behind.

That’s it for now. Official Kickstarter update will be coming next for all of you who have helped us with the movie campaign so keep your eyes peeled for that. Also, whether it’s this Monday or not, keep checking back to the WAX TRAX! RECORDS online store for updated WAX TRAX! merch and rarities during the holiday season!

As always, join the group conversation on Facebook at waxtraxchicago, our WAX TRAX! twitter page for #waxtraxfriday, and on the Wax Trax! instagram for visuals from inside WTHQ.





THE SNOW (Is Coming)

Hello Winter friends!

Happy December. I hope you are enjoying what is left of the year before the rest of 2013 completely unravels.
It has really been a wonderful year here at WT HQ. We have made great strides on some of our current projects and look forward to spending 2014 with you all. If all goes as planned, we will wrap up the documentary soon and continue to reignite relationships with past WAX TRAX! artists. We will keep you posted of any new happenings here first.

To start off…Our last auction for the unreleased Front Line Assembly Toxic EP went well beyond our expectations. It is so great to see such interest from collectors all over the world. This has very much helped to defray the ongoing documentary costs…Thank you!

Our next offering is for all you diehard COIL fans out there.
This one will include the 1991 test pressing for Coil’s Love’s Secret Domain. For those unaware of the history on this benchmark album, production for the vinyl release was scheduled and approved but the plug was pulled last minute due to formats changing rapidly toward CD. The only way for collectors to find this WAX TRAX! release on vinyl is on this extremely rare test pressing.
Auction will start this Friday, 12/6/13. As always, you can check here for current listings.

Onto artist news…I know this is last minute, but for all our friends on the East coast, we wanted to remind you that A SPLIT SECOND will be performing their only US show, this Saturday (12/7/13) in NYC at DROM. This will be the first US performance for the band in over 25 years. As one of the early developers of the Belgian EBM movement (and a WAX TRAX! favorite), this show should not be missed. (All I can think about is my dad trying to keep a straight face while doing the Mambo Witch dance…Ahhhhh, memories.)

As if this wasn’t enough awesomeness, The bill also features (A Nash family favorite!) A CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE…..Anyone for some Cardboard Lamb!!!???


Anybody wondering what LAIBACH has been up to?…Well wonder no more. Last month the band released the EP “S” as a taste of their upcoming LP “SPECTRE”. Scheduled for a Feb 2014 release, this will be the bands first full length since the 2006 VOLK (and the 2012 soundtrack to IRON SKY) Could they be jack booting live across the US soon after?…Let’s hope so-We’ll keep you posted.

How about some Chris Connelly news? I know this has been floating around for a couple weeks now, but I think you’ll agree, this song is just so good that we had to keep sharing it here for our non facebook and twitter friends. Chris Connelly + Jason Novak= Cocksure

Also, check out the latest interview with Mr. C at Wisdom Of The Stars

Now…Let’s not overlook the most beautiful woman in the world… the filthiest person alive (well, maybe not the best word choice)… the legendary, the outrageous, the one and only… DIVINE!

The new documentary “I AM DIVINE” has been making the US rounds and will be playing the Name Game here in Chicago this weekend at Facets. Check the official movie site to see when she blows through your town.


A lot of activity at the WAX TRAX! Online store in time for Christmas, Kawanzaa, Satan Day, or any other special event that requires a fabulous gift (Sorry Larry, looks like we didn’t have our shit together in time for Hanukkah this year). We’ve got some freshly posted vintage collectables from the original catalog up as well as some brand new offerings for your WAX TRAX! enjoyment…Go git ’em!


Don’t forget about next month’s appearance of CHRIS & COSEY. Only 2 US cities scheduled… NYC & Chicago. We are so lucky to have these electronic architects here in Chicago. While in town, we will also be interviewing the duo for the upcoming WAX TRAX! documentary…Very excited.

In addition to the Jan. 5th NYC show at MoMA, a 2nd NY show at Santos has been added for Jan 11th. Details can be found on C&C’s main site. … As much a I LOVE New York this time of year, we’ll be staying closer to home… see you at METRO 1/9!

Lastly…For all our local homies, We thought we would mention something wonderful (sorry) happening here in town during January. On January 8th, Reggie’s Music Joint is doing an all WAX TRAX! night as part of their ongoing Wax On/Wax Off series. This is a night where anyone can get on the turntable for 20 minutes and play any and all WAX TRAX! they want within their slot. You could play twenty 1 min songs…or just put on “mmm…Skyscraper I Love You” and go to the bar for a drink. The only rule is there ain’t no rules. If you would like to partake, email to claim your spot…Or just come out and bask in a night of all Wax Trax!

As always, please join the chant on our facebook and/or our twitter page for all things WAX TRAX!

Happy December everyone-See you in 2014


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