If you are landing on this page then you are probably looking to upload a little Wax Trax! luv with some fan video for the upcoming documentary…Well, you’ve come to the right place!


For years we have been getting wonderful notes from fans about how Wax Trax! Records changed their lives in one way or another. Whether it was from a young kid in the small town who couldn’t come out to his family and used Wax Trax! as a lifeline…or the misfit customer that would be exposed to a whole family of other music obsessed oddballs finding  a home in which to explore and experiment. Now is your opportunity to share your Wax Trax! love with the world.


At the link below, upload a video that is 30 seconds max! Tell us what WAX TRAX! RECORDS means/meant to you. The more personal and creative the better.

We will be compiling our top faves to include in the movie.

Now, a little tech requirement as well as some legal mumbo-jumbo.

You can use any type of camera you want…Betamax, DSLR, Fisher-Price PixelVision, you are the creator.

  1. Please upload a .mov, Mp4, or Quicktime file if possible and sized at least 1200px wide.
  2. If you are shooting on a phone, you will have a much better chance at rising to the top of the pile if your video is shot in landscape mode (wider than it is tall).
  3.  Make sure your full name is in the file name (Example:
  4. One small thing…we are interested in content that has not been seen. We love that you want to spread the Wax Trax story, but if your video by chance gets posted somewhere else online we probably won’t be able to use it in the film.

Legal stuff: By clicking on this link and voluntarily uploading your personal content, you are stating that you are the creator and allow Wax Trax Films LLC the unrestricted non-exclusive right to use your image and likeness in relation to the Wax Trax! documentary tentatively titled “Monumentary”. You agree not to hold Wax Trax Films LLC liable for any errors or omissions related to your content and enter into this agreement freely with the understanding that Wax Trax Films LLC will have sole discretion on if and how the content will be used within the film. You understand you will not receive any compensation at any time for allowing this content to be used for the Wax Trax! documentary. You will however get screen credit in the film as a thank you if used, and that’s pretty cool. Wax Trax Films LLC will have full rights to use uploaded content in relation to the movie in perpetuity (-Just a fancy word for when the suits mean forever)


Posted March 14, 2016 by admin