Hello again Wax Trax people!

We’ve got some more WAX TRAX! film news and yep- as you may have guessed from the above title, we’re fixin’ to take our little documentary down to the Bible Belt.

This is the official call out to all WAX TRAX! fans south of the Mason Dixon line to join us at the 2018 Nashville Film Festival this May! On SATURDAY, MAY 12th and FRIDAY, MAY 18th at the Regal Theater 27, INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records will show the only planned screening in Tennessee. So all you Honky Tonkers feel free to swap those cowboy boots for some 10 hole Doc Martins and join us!
We’re doin’ this THE NASH-VILLE WAY!




April 18 – Tickets go on sale to NashFilm Members (and you can reserve tickets to all films).
May 2 – Tickets go on sale to General Public.
May 9 – In-person Box Office Opens at Regal Hollywood 27.
May 12 – 1st screening of INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT (Saturday) – 8pm
May 18 – 2nd screening of INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT (Friday) – 9pm

Nashville Film Fest
Regal Hollywood Stadium 27 & RPX
719 Thompson Lane Nashville, TN




Due to overwhelming demand we have just added a SECOND LONDON SHOW for our UK premiere at EAST END FILM FEST. The additional screening of the WAX TRAX! Documentary will be held on Sunday, APRIL 29th. Tickets on sale NOW!

In addition, we have sweetened the deal for all you UK ticket holders for the April 26th. LUUUUC VAAAAN ACKERRRRR will be joining us during our after show Q&A panel. Ever wonder what it takes to be a Revolting Cock?…Now you can ask one of the originals!





April 26 – 1st UK screening of INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT (Thursday) – 9p

April 29 – 2nd UK screening of INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT (Sunday) – 5p

East End Film Festival
The Castle Cinema Theatre
64-66 Brooksby’s Walk
Hackney, London E9 6DA

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 18.26.19

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 18.26.31


-Just want to reiterate for all of you who are emailing about wanting a DVD. We are working on it, but we have a long way to go…which includes finishing the festival run during 2018.
More festival screening from around the world will be rolled out in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

As always, please check out new and vintage items from the WAX TRAX! RECORDS online store, and join in on all things WAX TRAX! on our facebook, twitter, and instagram pages.

Until Next time,


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Hello Wax Trax! People!

It’s time for a new documentary and general WAX TRAX! update.

Since we haven’t checked in since way back in 2017, let’s go over some old news before we dig into what’s happening today.


As many of you remember, we had our special artist panel and test screening of INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT in LA, last November. I just want to go back and thank all our WAX TRAX! homies who were able to make it out to see the film and attend the special pop-up shop. What an incredible night! The gathering was undeniably about family and the sold out event was far beyond our expectations. It also ended up being a valuable tool in our post production process as we took the fan feedback very seriously.
Thank you to all who could attend!


For those who may have missed this video, here is a nice excerpt from the LA event, shot by Synthetik Films



Okay, this brings us back to the present and addressing one of our most frequent emails: “When can we see this damn film?”

Umm…How about next month?




(In my best Queen’s English) Here Ye-Here Ye! WAX TRAX! will be embarking on a Super-Sonic-Trans-Atlantic-Barn-Burner in order to bring our little documentary to the EAST END FILM FESTIVAL April, 2018! For all our international pals looking to finally check out this long awaited story of WAX TRAX!, please join us for our official UK premiere on April 26th, 2018.

Tickets can be secured through the East End Film Festival and directly through the CASTLE CINEMA theater. FYI-This UK screening is expected to sell out quickly. As always…If you blokes & birds snooze, you blokes & birds lose!

“Okay- But do you have any Non-Brittonic screenings planned?” you may ask…Well, duh.

We’ve got some really great things planned all around the world regarding INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT this year and will pass along the details as part of the official festival announcements. Stay tuned for more info from waxtraxfilms.com as we roll out the 2018 screenings over the next few weeks. Complete info can be found a waxtraxfilms.com.



As we shake off the last days of winter, we could not be happier that some of the original key WAX TRAX! artists will be crossing the US for some springtime touring love.




The self-professed Dance Commandos will be hitting the states starting in April for some select dates.
What is special about this time, is the inclusion of some cities that have previously been off the touring route. For a full list of dates and venues check out the official FRONT 242 website.




Everyone’s favorite sextreme artists, Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy will also be crossing these amber waves of grain starting in April. This is an extension of their 30th anniversary tour and will be digging back through their deep and long history as pioneers of the dance floor.
A full list of dates can be found on the official TKK Newz page.



The extensive AmeriKKKant! tour will be in full swing in the US starting next week in support of the new Ministry release of the same name. Starting in California and ending in Texas, the US shows will blaze the trail for a world tour that will go through late August. For those who haven’t seen Ministry for a while, the set list seems to have been reworked to reflect both new and older material. Perhaps by next tour we’ll be able to hear a little (Every Day Is) Halloween…A girl can dream can’t she? -Bop bop.




Our beloved Scottish skallywag is at it again. The Tide Stripped Bare is Chris Connelly’s 20th release to date! Oh where has the time gone. It seems like only yesterday, a young spry Chris was provoking RevCo fans on Chicago’s (Cabaret) Metro stage for YGDSOB. The new album sold out on CD quickly but can still be found digitally on all the normal platforms. For more info on all things Connelly, check out his main site.

Jeeze-Will Mr. Connelly ever slow down?…Let’s hope not.




A new offering from everyone’s favorite Bass-Master-General is now available. Lead Into Gold has released the new 12″ – A SAVAGE GIFT / INSIDE A GOLDEN SUN. with a new full length coming soon. Hmm…could more live shows this year be close behind? Looks like this truly is the age of reason.





New to the online store are special WAX TRAX! magnets. Finally, the perfect way to fix that kid art or grocery list on the fridge. Oh, and while you grab yourself the magnet pack, don’t forget the patches that just arrived! Go get ‘em!

As always, join the conversation at the official WAX TRAX! Facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts. Be sure to check out the full assortment of new and vintage merch and collectables from the official WAX TRAX! RECORDS online shop.

Cheers Govna’



Howdy Hey Wax Trax people!

Just a check-in to remind you all about the upcoming documentary event that we are having in southern California. It is a unique chance to see the film as we approach the finish line before we lock in the final edit for 2018 festivals.


Wax Trax! Records In Hollywood

-Just under 2 weeks until WAX TRAX! swoops down on LA on Nov. 9th with our artist panel Q&A, collector’s Pop-Up shop, meet & greet…and YES, the only west coast test screening of our little documentary INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax Records.
This one night event will be showcased at the Montalban Theater…Get your tickets HERE!


We’ve been getting everything ready and are super excited for you all to join us. As we said in our last email blast, En Esch, from the heady days of KMFDM on WAX TRAX!, will be part of the VIP artist meet & greet.


Well…We have one more thing that we’re pretty excited about. Bill Leeb of FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY will now also be joining us for our little VIP love fest. That brings us to 7 seminal artists who helped create the genre, and honestly, all around great guys. Maybe now you can finally talk politics with Groovie Mann, get some pet grooming advise from En Esch, arm wrestle Paul Barker, all in one evening. Ahhh, isn’t the world of WAX TRAX! grand?




Once the documentary event is done and you have been fully submerged in all things WAX TRAX!, We have a shit kicker of an after party planned directly following the artist Q&A.
Make sure you’ve got your party pants on because WAX TRAX! documentary cast, crew and fans will be taking over the Cha Cha Lounge after the theater lets out. Stay tuned for more details!!



Also-don’t forget about getting tickets to LA’s first appearance of COLD WAVES the following Friday and Saturday night. (11/10-11/11) at the Regent Theater.
An all-star lineup and many WAX TRAX! alumni will be taking over the Regent Theater for a weekend to remember. See you there!

That’s it for now. Thanks, and hope to see you in LA on the 9th!!!



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Howdy-Hey Wax Trax! people!

-Hope you all are having a wonderful August as we begin to see summer starting to fade. Lots of great things happening around here at ground control and thought we would keep all our Wax Trax! homies up to date with all our upcoming plans. Let’s get started shall we?


Wax Trax! Records In Hollywood



Please join us in southern California as we take over Hollywood’s RICARDO MONTALBAN THEATER for one day on Thursday November 9th, 2017. We will be exploring the upcoming Wax Trax! documentary with a special artist Q&A and Wax Trax! pop-up store set up in the theater.


As a special bonus, free admission to a test screening of INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records will be offered to all ticket holders. We have made a few tweaks to our film since our Chicago audience screened it last April, but we need YOU to provide further feedback as we get closer to our final edit. This will be the first time an audience outside Chicago will see the Wax Trax! story and we are excited to have you all take part in the shaping of this film. An audience questionnaire will be available after viewing.




The panel Q&A will feature key artists from past Wax Trax! bands Front 242, Ministry, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and The Revolting Cocks discussing their early days on the label and what set Wax Trax! apart.
A special pop-up shop will also open in the theater offering original vinyl pressings, collectables and memorabilia from the Wax Trax! archives. Tickets to the event will include a limited Wax Trax! documentary poster, not commercially available

General Admission and VIP tickets can be purchased at waxtraxfilms.com

-Hope to see you in November!





Well…Since we’ll already be there, l guess we should actually just stay in Cali. Now that you will be an expert on the inside history of Wax Trax from watching INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT and hearing the history first hand, what next? Well, don’t forget about seeing the bands that started it all perform live over the next 2 days?
Join the original Wax Trax! artists Front Line Assembly, Meat Beat Manifesto, Cubanate, Chris Connelly, Richard 23, and Paul Barker (performing the classic album Big Sexyland) as they perform live at LA’s Cold Waves Festival on November 10-11, 2017. Over the past few years the fine people of Cold Waves have done an amazing job at bringing many of the original Wax Trax! artists back to the forefront while folding in amazing new talent that keeps the genre changing and moving forward.





For those people who are itching for more live classics from the original label roster. Pankow may just be the scratch you need! Embarking on their first American tour since 1990 (!), the EBM pioneers are back for a nice chunk of US shows. We are super excited to see them & their ding-dongs at their Chicago Cold Waves appearance.



Laibach print


For those of you who just need a little more Laibach in your life (And come on…Who doesn’t) We wanted to mention some news about the Slovenian Provocateurs. There is a limited Laibach art print being offered from Serigraphic Systems. This piece would look pretty bitchin’ hanging behind your podium.


We also know this is somewhat older news, but the documentary LIBERATION DAY which shadows the band during their 2015 concert in North Korea is making the rounds. We are really looking forward to seeing this when it makes its way closer to Chicago and if the trailer captured the audience confusion, bewilderment and disorientation correctly, the band’s live rendition of the Sound of Music may have been one of the greatest pranks of all time to be pulled off on an international level. GET ME A LIGHT BEER!



Other news regarding the official soundtrack to the documentary…Still working on it and will update when we have more to report.

That’s it for now. Lots of planning for November. We hope to see some of you during our special California event.
As always, the Wax Trax! online store is open 24/7. We have been restocking some of the vintage vinyl so check back if something you were looking for something that was previously out of stock.
Jump into the conversation on our Facebook, twitter and instagram pages as well as upcoming documentary news at waxtraxfilms.com
Until next time…

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Howdy Hey Wax Trax! People,

Wow-So weird to think the year is half over! Tons of great things happening around here and it seems every WAX TRAX! band is getting ready to go out on the road for some tour love! Before we get into the avalanche of tour details we thought we would check in and pass along a little documentary update.

MAGAZINE (Not the band)



INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records was featured in last month’s issue of ELECTRONIC SOUND. For those not familiar with the UK magazine, this is a publication with incredibly dense knowledge, impeccable design and top notch writing.
We are honored to have been included and if you act quickly you may still be able to snag an issue with a limited New Order 7”…go get ‘em here!





Looks like the good folks of Chicago’s Cold Wave Festival are doing something special and packing up the family truckster and heading out west to the City of Angels this November.

For those who are unaware of this superb festival, the past 5 years Cold Waves has been a huge part of celebrating the underground music that we all grew up with. The festival has grown over time as they continually showcase many of the artists who pioneered the genre as well as artists who continue to carry the torch. 2017 marks a special year as Cold Waves expands its territory westward and bring its own mid-west brand of bad-ass to the Regent Theater in SoCal.

Both locations have some special WAX TRAX! alumni. I’m sure the Chicago tickets and LA tickets won’t last long, so be quick…or be sorry.

hmm… If only there was some way to present a super special event for the WAX TRAX! DOCUMENTARY around the LA Cold Waves Festival…just sayin’ ;)




In case you aren’t able to make it to the Cold Waves festivities, you still have a chance to see some of these WAX TRAX! alumni as they make their way across the states. Richard 23, Luc Van Acker, Chris Connelly and Paul Barker will once again open the gates to Big Sexyland with the WAX TRAX! classic album played in its entirety. If that wasn’t enough…It seems all the stars have aligned and this time the one and only FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY will be joining The Cocks for most of these very special dates. Check out the US tour dates and cities here.



Sascha K. & Co will once again be bringing the Ultra Heavy Beats of KMFDM back to the US this fall. The tour starts off at the Chicago Cold Waves fest and will kick off the band’s new EP “Yeah” and upcoming full length album. Check out tour dates and tickets here.





Raymond Watts is at it again and currently spreading his flesh across the US. If you missed this show last year we strongly suggest seeing this incredible show when they come to town. As if you don’t have reason enough, former KMFDM band mates En Esch and Guenter Schulz will be joining the Lord of Lard on this tour. Wow…I wonder if we’ll hear any songs they wrote together while Killing Mother Fucking Depeche Mode? I guess you’ll have to show up and find out. Check out the dates here for a town near you!





Our friends in My Life In The Thrill Kill Kult are gearing up for something very special to kick off their 30th anniversary this fall!
Beginning in October, you will be able to see the iconic WAX TRAX! albums “Confessions Of A Knife” and “I See Good Spirits, I See Bad Spirits” performed live in their entirety. There is a reason these WAX TRAX! releases are still treasured today…Now is your chance to walk through the original “Gateway To Hell”. Just make sure you’re wearing something fabulous.




The Belgians are coming! 2017 is shaping up to be an incredible year to see original WAX TRAX! artists live. Front 242 will be back in the US and ready to throw down. This time around, the Belgians will be hitting a few cities that they couldn’t get to last tour. Find out about show dates here.





What would a Wax Trax! artist touring schedule be without our good friend Mr. Jourgensen? As some of you may know Ministry has been finishing up dates in the UK and then getting ready for their first headlining slot in Australia and New Zealand this fall. We are very happy that Mr. J will be picking up a few US dates between his globetrotting and is able to stop by Chicago for RiotFest before he heads down under.

Fans wanting a little back catalog luv might be in for a nice surprise. If the band’s recent shows are any indication of the upcoming set-list, Ministry should be weaving in some live versions of classic songs not heard in many, many years…could that mean we might get lucky and hear a little (Everyday Is) Halloween? One can dream…Bop Bop!

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to check out the online store for new and vintage merch. If you haven’t signed up for screening and product updates through the INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT documentary newsletter you can sign up here at waxtraxfilms.com.
As always, join the chant on the official WAX TRAX! party lines…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 1-900-You-Sexy ($29.99 per minute may apply)


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Hello Wax Trax! people!

Wow-WHAT A WEEKEND! (yeah, I know it’s Tuesday but I am just now recovering!)



Second Panel = Groovie, Paul, Julia, Mr. 23, Sean, Chris, Patrick.   photo: Casey Mitchell


Thank you to all the people who joined us for our little documentary event
I am so fortunate to have shared something as special as this film with the friends and family that helped make it all happen.

It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend. Our party at Berlin… Getting to and from all the amazing DJ events on Friday throughout the city…The Special Saturday artist Meet & Greet…The panels of music legends…and of course presenting the actual documentary to test for you all.

Since we really had no idea how to make a feature film we honestly didn’t know what to expect. Would it suck, is it too inside, did it cover enough…we were both excited and terrified to show it publicly to family, the artists & staff, the hardcore fan as well as Wax Trax! novice.

For those of you who were able to make the event, we would love your feedback. As we stated before the film began, if you could take a minute or two to follow this survey and tell us about your experience, we would appreciate it.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the overwhelming love and support.


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Alright Documentary people-the one week countdown begins…

A ton of hard work and love has gone into this Documentary film. We are very excited to have brought in some of the artists who helped make it happen. After watching the film, you will hear the history of Wax Trax! from the musicians themselves… What went right and of course what ultimately went wrong.

and I really hope you can join us here in Chicago for this very special weekend!

Here are details of the artist panels

A one day event marking the upcoming feature documentary of Chicago’s legendary independent record store and label.
This includes two special panel discussions with past and present artists from FRONT 242, MINISTRY, THE REVOLTING COCKS, MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT and THE DEAD KENNEDYS.

Tickets can be found here

Panel participants include:

Jello Biafra
In addition to being a punk rock legend as a founding member of the Dead Kennedys, LARD and king dude at Alternative Tentacles, Jello’s humble beginnings started at the original WAX TRAX! store in Denver, Colorado.
Friends of Wax Trax founders Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher, Jello was an early staple of the store as well as the label.

Richard 23
Member of Belgian dance commandos FRONT 242 as well as founding member of the Revolting Cocks. When Richard isn’t performing on stage, you can often find him diving in Thailand.

Patrick Codenys
Founding member of Belgian electronic pioneers FRONT 242. Patrick is a principal creative force within FRONT 242 and the Belgian sound that combined new technology, dance beats and the post-punk ethos which was instrumental in creating the EBM genre.

Paul Barker
Member of Wax Trax! bands, The Blackouts, Revolting Cocks, Pailhead, Lead Into Gold, PTP, and Acid Horse. In addition to being half of the unstoppable production team LUXA/PAN, Paul was a key member of Ministry from 1986-2003 during the band’s critical and commercial high-water mark.

Chris Connelly
Member of Wax Trax! bands Fini Tribe, Revolting Cocks, PTP, and Acid Horse. In addition to contributing to a variety of group projects, Chris’ solo contribution to Wax Trax! cannot be overstated. His 1994 album Shipwreck is still considered by many as one of the label’s crown jewels.

Groovie Mann
Before he was Groovie he was Franke Nardiello. One of the closest confidants to Wax Trax! founders, Jim & Dannie. Franke was both a long time store employee and key artist on the label. When Franke wasn’t ringing up Sleep Chamber records or finishing Joy Division window displays for the store, he was performing in a little local group called My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult…Dope Forever…Forever Loaded!

Buzz McCoy
The Yin to Groovie’s Yang. Buzz, known in some circles as Marston Daley, was the one artist who could blend that perfect combination of disco balls and satan. Hailing originally from Boston, Buzz joined the Wax Trax! family as an early member of Ministry during the Twitch tour.

Steve Knutson
Steve goes way back to the Denver days and was officially one of the first Wax Trax! employees at the age of 19. Steve experienced the early explosive inner workings of Jim & Dannie that were often fueled by quaaludes, gay bars and lots and lots of speed.
Steve later moved on to Tommy Boy Records and is currently Principal of Audika Records and the Arthur Russell Estate.

Larry Crandus
Early Chicago employee of both the store and the label. Larry had an intimate role in the incredible growth from 1983-1990. Larry credits Jim & Dannie for helping raise him in ways his own family couldn’t. Larry later went on to work for Mute and is currently a producer at Playboy Television.

Andy Wombwell
Andy worked at the label from 1987-1992, starting as an intern after writing a school paper on the company.  He eventually oversaw radio promotion and opened the ill-fated Los Angeles office.  He later worked for Nettwerk and Rhino Records and is currently a co-founder of tech startup Wildkat and trying to launch a potato chip company.

Julia Nash
Director of The Wax Trax! Documentary-Industrial Accident and daughter of co-founder Jim Nash. Julia originally managed the Wax Trax! Lincoln and Damen Ave. store and is current principal of Wax Trax! Records.

VIP and SUPER VIP have access to a special artists meeting and signing. These artists include:

Jello Biafra
Richard 23
Patrick Codenys
Paul Barker
Chris Connelly
Groovie Mann
Buzz McCoy
David J

Ticket includes one panel discussion + Limited INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT poster + Free ticket to the one day test screening of the upcoming Wax Trax! documentary (showing directly before each panel discussion)
Doors one hour before screening time
Test-screening time 2:30p or 8:30p
Special 3/31 Friday night DJ events and/or artist meet and greet included to VIP and SUPER VIP Ticket holders
Age 18+ (must be 21+ with ID to access the bar area)
The Vic Theatre 3145 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60657
Ticket information at

Friday 3/31 Additional WAX TRAX! DJ Love

In addition to the 4/1/17 Saturday event, please join us as we celebrate the store and label with the following public DJ sets around Chicago:

FRONT 242/ Richard 23 + Patrick Codenys
Berlin Nightclub
954 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657
$10 cover at the door. 21+ W/ ID (Space is limited, arrive early)

BAUHAUS and LOVE + ROCKETS founding member David J
Late Bar
3534 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618
$10 cover at the door. 21+ W/ ID (Space is limited, arrive early)

Liar’s Club
1665 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
$5 cover at the door. 21+ W/ ID (Space is limited, arrive early)

That’s it for now. Hope you folks around Chicago and the Midwest can be with us next week for this one time special event!


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