Hello Wax Trax Friends!

I owe you all an apology for the sparse communication regarding the Wax Trax! Documentary.
So, before I start packing up all the Wax Trax! mail order shipments for customers today, I wanted to send this little update.

So here is the latest:

  • The film has been picture locked for a month now.
  • Handed audio off to be mixed on Jan 9. It typically takes approximately 6 weeks for a film like this to be properly mixed. We are meeting with the amazing folks at Another Country Studio next week to review the film mix so far.
  • The name has changed to “Industrial Accident: The story of Wax Trax Records.”
  • The trailer is complete and in queue for audio mix, color correction and one song left to license. (Kickstarter backers will see it first)
  • We needed to license 44 songs for this film and trailer. This was not a small undertaking and one of the most time and energy consuming part of the post production. We have almost all the licensing agreements locked. We are waiting on a few rights holders. Everything will hinge on licensing. no licensing = no movie. It is conceivable that one publisher or master rights holder can delay the entire film until we are able to replace and re-edit the film.
  • We are updating the website at with upcoming screening info and hope to have that launch within two weeks.
  • We have been entering festivals and currently are waiting to hear back from 30+ Festivals from around the world.
  • We are in the process of locking in details for the Chicago screening and plan on announcing dates within the next two weeks.
  • We are super proud of this film and the people who have worked so incredibly hard at making it possible.
  • Remaining rewards (poster, soundtrack, party) will be explained in detail next update.

Without footage/photo approval, without music licensing and without audio mixing and color correction in place you cannot simply post things without having legal issues, disappointment or outrage.  To do this right, and as the old adage goes “Good, Fast, Cheap…you can only have two”.

Whether it’s been time zone issues while trying to license content from Australia, Brussels, Berlin, etc., or perpetual meetings to review and approve editing, motion graphics, sound mixing and color correction…For the past few years, I wake up every morning working on this film until I fall asleep thinking about this film. Fortunately, we can finally see the light, and miraculously I haven’t lost my day job!!!

This is the most comprehensive look at Wax Trax! and the world my dad and Dannie created. Although I have no regrets for the amount of time this is taking in order to do it right, I do regret not checking in with you all more. Some reasons are due to trying to publicly explain abstract issues (“Hey everybody, We are really having a hard time tracking down Rheingold” and we’re stuck right now”)… Some are due to publishing challenges that are just plain boring (“Hey everybody, still trying to clear “Stainless Steel Providers” 30% by Jourgensen is done, the 30% from Barker looks good, but that suave dandy, Connelly’s 20% and Rieflin’s 10% are real tricky…and don’t get me stated with chasing down the 10% by Luuuuc Vaaaan Accckkkker”). zzzzzzzz.

More to come very soon. Lot’s of moving parts right now and as soon as I have concrete info, I will pass it along here first!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support, patience, kindness, and the nonstop love you all express for this film, the label, store and my dad and Dannie.

Keep the peace,
XO Julia

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Hellllooooo Wax Trax People!

Oh my gosh it has been a while.
Did you think we forgot about you? Well, we didn’t… and excuse me if I vomit a ton of fancy fun at you here, but I haven’t talked to you all for so long and we need to catch up.



Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks and first talk about what you all want to talk about…The Wax Trax Documentary!
Not sure if any of you have noticed, but we have been somewhat vague and let’s just say a little non-responsive regarding hard details and specific progress of the Wax Trax! documentary.
Including responding to direct questions and postings regarding progress as well as release dates for the soundtrack.
After over a year, I am finally free to tell you all that the delay has been due to an ongoing legal dispute with one of our past vendors and that things were tentatively and amicably resolved last week in Federal Court. Since events were unfolding month by month for the past year, we had been advised by our attorneys to stay quiet due to possibly misrepresenting a situation that has been fluid. It has been difficult not to communicate with you all properly and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t have said more over the past year.
An official press release will be coming shortly once the language has been approved by both sides. It will hopefully explain the saga with some clarity and finality. I’m sure both parties are looking forward to moving ahead and we promise to keep you all posted as we get this film out and in front of you all asap.

So…To the fans who have been rightfully asking “Is everything okay?”… “Will we ever see this movie?”…”Will I ever receive the remaining Kickstarter rewards still out there?” the answer we can tell you is…YES! YES! and YES!!

Let’s talk specifically about where the film is now. We have been working our fingers to the bone day and night in the editing room to meet our deadline. We had our sights set on on SXSW, Tribeca and Berlin festival deadlines in Oct.-Nov., but we realized we had a pretty bad-ass film almost done on our hands now and decided to step it up a notch and submit to Sundance this upcoming Monday. So…Fingers crossed, if any of the fest judges happen to be Laibach or Revolting Cocks fans we just may see our WT homies out in Utah in 2017.

I know a lot of you have been waiting super patiently for one of the most popular WAX TRAX!/Kickstarter rewards we have offered, the movie soundtrack.
As we mentioned previously, we are trying to release this in tandem with the movie so we still have some time needed to cross pollinate with the film. Lots of moving pieces with both the licensed music in the documentary and on the soundtrack. Without ruining the surprise of the track listing, we have been focused on a nice mix including favorites, live, out of print, and unreleased material. Hopefully you will agree with us here at WTHQ that the wait will not be in vain! We will not let you down. Please trust us, even if it takes a little longer than expected.

To the VERY, VERY special few that helped us with our Associate Producing credit Kickstarter reward. We’re getting really close! As stated above, the edit is coming along nicely and your name on the big screen is going to look AWESOME! You all are going to be the envy of the dance floor, record store, or any other place you want to strut your 1980s underground street-cred! Just hang in there, you won’t be disappointed!

Okay, let’s move onto some equally bad-ass happenings in the WAX TRAX! World.


Come celebrate the COLD WAVES Festival this weekend and stop by to our little WAX TRAX pop-up to say hi! Once again, We are lucky to be able to take over the Metro box-office and offer some new & vintage WAX TRAX merch. T-Shirts, Vinyl, CDs, Posters, etc. will be available in case you were looking to fill in that Thrill Kill collection or if you wanted to replace that 1989 Pailhead shirt. Hope to see you there!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Sinister Swine himself, Mr. Raymond Watts is currently smearing his lard across the states for his first US tour in about a decade
Oh, did I mention that he is joined on stage with En Esch and Günter Schulz. Ya snooze, ya lose!
Tour info here for upcoming dates


So who took a ride to Big Sexy Land over the past week?
Richard, Chris and Paul and LUC VAN ACKKERRR together on stage for the first time. Come on, even the most jaded has got to feel a little magic tingle in their pants when they heard this line up. There is one final show left this Saturday for the Cold Waves fest here in Chicago on 9/24/16. Let’s burn the temple of misery.

In addition to also being a part of Cold Waves this weekend, CLOCK DVA has also been hacking their way across the US for the first time in years! If you haven’t seen Adi and Co. in action, Now is the time!
CLOCK DVA US tour dates here

More info to come, but need to get my butt down to Metro and set up shop.

Tons more info about the film coming soon. -Hope to see you all this weekend.


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Hello again Wax Trax People!

-Just wanted to drop you all a quick note for some fancy springtime announcements.

Hey, for all the Chicago folks out there that are looking for a little 90s throwback luv, I hope you can join me this Friday (4/15) in Wicker Park for a walk down memory lane during a decade when major labels were snatching up any band that wore a flannel and a little thing called America On Line was burning up the dial up lines at a ferocious 56k speed.

As many of you know, the 1990s also happen to be a pivotal decade for WAX TRAX!. A lot of stories: Some bad…Some even worse than bad. Anyway I digress, I am honored to to have been asked to represent the WAX TRAX! posse up there with the real heavy hitters from the decade.


Martin Atkins – Pigface, Invisible


Butch Vig –  Smart Studios, Garbage
Bruce Pavitt – Sub-Pop Records
Joe Shanahan – Metro
Steve Marker – Smart Studios, Garbage
Wendy Schneider – Smart Studios: Documentary
Kerry Brown – Catherine
me – Wax Trax!

Stop by the CHOP SHOP this Friday at 8 pm and say hi…It’s FREE

ALL AGES/ 8 pm
Chop Shop – (773) 537-4440
2033 W. North Ave – Chicago IL 60647

I also want to mention something to all our Chicago people. If you are looking for something to do and want to fill that WAX TRAX void tonight, former WAX TRAX label employee and MetaPop CEO, Matt Adell will be spinning an all WAX TRAX DJ set at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago, 10pm!



A huge thank you for the flood of personal videos that you all have been continuing to upload for the WAX TRAX! Documentary.
For those who missed our earlier announcement, we are compiling our favorite fan/tribute videos to include in the WAX TRAX! Documentary! You say you love WAX TRAX!…Then prove it!
We are still taking submissions through April 30th. If you haven’t sent in your short clip telling us what WAX TRAX! has meant to you, you still have a couple weeks…but after that, your chances of being in the movie will disappear.

Follow this link for detailed instructions!




Looks like the fine folks of Cold Waves have been busy since last year’s shindig.
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO? COCKS? CLOCKDVA? the weekend is shaping up to make the long time WAX TRAX! fan pretty happy!

We are super excited to hang out with our old friends Richard 23 & Luc Van Acker while they’re in town, but even more excited that they will be sharing the stage with blood brothers, Chris Connelly & Paul Barker over the weekend.




My little birds are everywhere and lately they are whispering something wonderful.
Might be a good time to get that passport updated because I hear Big Sexyland may be expanding its borders.
Are The Stainless Steel Providers taking their dog & pony show on the road to mark the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking album Big Sexyland? I don’t know…But maybe it’s not so crazy that The COCKS might be coming soon to a venue near “you and your hog bitch girlfriend”.




As if that wasn’t reason enough to bust out the Manic Panic and lace up those 8 hole DMs…
Mr. Adi Newton will be bringing ClockDVA on the road here in the US for the first time in years!
In addition to the Chicago COLD WAVES event, you can enter the Velvet Realm this fall in these limited cities:





Heads up…We will soon be adding a little Groovie Mann & Buzz McCoy to our merch area of the WAX TRAX ONLINE STORE. We are super excited to bring back original TKK designs and we will update you when they are on the press.
…Dope Forever, Forever Loaded!




One last thing about our little documentary. A nice shout out to our friends in Europe. WAX TRAX is coming for you! As we continue to move forward, we have a great new opportunity to involve some additional WT artists. Our film crew will be heading overseas this month. The only super-bummer is THEY ARE GOING WITHOUT ME!  I really hope they bring me back some BELGIAN CHOCOLATE since the mayo and fries don’t travel well.

That’s it for now (See, I told you it was a quick note)

-Hope to see some of you this Friday at the Chop Shop. Until next time…



Hello Wax Trax! people!
It has been some time since our last update. Lots of wonderful news happening. 2016 is definitely shaping up to be an important year for Wax Trax! Records.
(Okay-In my totally official grown-up voice) Ahem…To all our non-US friends out there who have been looking at us stunned. We’re sorry. Yes, this US presidential election is as bananas over here as it looks from afar. Actually, it’s much more bizarre than anyone could even begin to explain. Grab a seat, I think this buffoonery is only going to get worse.

Well anyway enough of that, let’s get you all up to speed…


As many of you can imagine, the WAX TRAX! documentary has been all consuming (as it should be). We really appreciate all the private notes and emails regarding support and love for this project. We could not do this without you. Which brings me to a nice segue. As we reach the final stretch of producing this monster, we really wanted to bring the fans into this story a little more.
So here is what we have in mind…WE WANT YOU IN THIS FILM!

If the WAX TRAX! RECORDS store or label meant anything to you, past or present, we want you to put your camera where your mouth is (okay, you can pan out to your whole face if you want).
We will be including fan video in the movie so here is your chance to be up on the big screen with other WAX TRAX! alumni and part of our little story.

This is no joke, here is what we need:

A video clip between 5-30 seconds explaining what WAX TRAX! means to you.

Follow this link, read the instructions, and upload to our documentary folder.


Be creative, but most importantly, be passionate. We will be weaving the top fan submissions into the movie!

:: M O N U M E N T A R Y ::

Since we’re on the subject…
The #1 question we’ve been getting is “Hey-Is this movie ever coming out?!”
As we had mentioned earlier to a number of supporters, last year some elements of the movie’s production had become a little more complicated than we originally had expected. Due to the timing of these complications our release schedule was affected, extending our timeline longer than originally planned. Ugh-Apparently making a movie of this scope isn’t an exact science…Who would have thought?


We are on track for festival submissions this year. As many of you have been wondering (Yep-I personally read each and every one of your emails and posts about status questions), we have successfully been shifting things around and feel that we are in a much more productive place moving forward. We can’t reveal an exact release date yet, but will be posting news of the progress and updates in the upcoming months here on our site, so stay tuned!


Thanks for your patience and understanding. I have to say that as excited as some of you might be to have us speed through the post-production phase, I think you will all be delighted with the finished result and happy that we took the extra time.



The #2 question we’ve been getting lately is “Hey-where is the movie soundtrack? I pre-ordered-This is bullshit!!” (Okay-That’s actually a question AND a statement)
We totally understand the anticipation for this soundtrack and the special packaging that will be included with the earlier pre-orders. Again, we ask for your patience on this one. We want everything to release together, so as soon as the final film is ready, as stated above, your soundtrack will be ready too. We can’t give anything else away at this time but as I said earlier, I think you will be super-happy with the final product. We’re not going to leave you hangin’, you gotta trust us on this one.



CHRIS CONNELLY/ SOTSA   Photo: Bobby Talamine

I wanted to mention something recent and noteworthy in the Wax Trax! universe. Our dear friend Chris Connelly just put on another unbelievable Bowie show here in Chicago with his band who fell to earth, SONS OF THE SILENT AGE. I hesitate using the word “tribute band” in the traditional sense because what these guys do on stage is so much more than just playing Bowie songs. It is just a very special experience, and one that should not be missed if possible.


SINEAD O’CONNOR/ SOTSA      Photo: Bobby Talamine

The performance was their first show since the Thin White Duke left this world.  It was quite magnanimous of the band to pass a portion of the proceeds from the event to the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Chicago. Chris and the band could not have sounded any better, and the addition of folding Ava Cherry and Sinead O’Connor into the set continued the tradition of elevating the SOTSA shows to a higher level.

Over the past couple of months I know we all have shared our Bowie stories, and although a little late, I feel the need to share mine here relating to my dad & Dannie.
Way before the store or label ever existed, Bowie was omnipresent in my house growing up. From my earliest memories right through to when my dad passed away, David Bowie was a cornerstone and foundation of what made my dad, Dannie as well as WAX TRAX! RECORDS who and what they were. I think for a gay man married with children in the late 60s/early 70’s, Bowie became a life preserver for many during a brackish time. “Homosexual” was still considered an official mental illness and for the most part, it was pretty much social and professional suicide to come out. What WAX TRAX! may have done by overlapping genres for a lot fans trying to figure out their own identity in the 80s & 90s, Bowie had done for my dad decades earlier. David Bowie was a conduit between fringe/mainstream, gay/straight, art/commerce that was not lost on my family. It is impossible for me to think about David Bowie and not think about my mom, dad, & Dannie. The past couple months have been bitter-sweet churning a lot of old memories. Wherever they all are now, I am certain that they are holding court together the way only old queens know how to do.

Guess what?…UNDERWORLD That’s what!
In addition to dates in Europe and Japan we are lucky to get
a few US dates in Southern CA, Coachella, and NYC. (LC and/or Patty, Hope you’ve got a couch I can crash on when I come to town!!)

UNDERWORLD 2016 tickets & dates here

I mentioned their new album last post and the new LP is pretty bitchin’. If you haven’t already heard a sample, here’s a little shit kicker to get the party started!

Any European BillLeebers out there?…Prove it! Don’t miss FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY live in Europe NOW!!
If you looking for a little FLA Euro Mindphasing…2016 European tour schedule here



Closing out with a shameful plug…Don’t forget to check out the Wax Trax! Records shop. We add/restock new and vintage goodies all the time so check back often!


That’s it for now. Excited to be heading out to Los Angeles next week to touch base with Groovie, Buzz & friends…and listen to a whole lot of WT! stories.

As always, check out our waxtraxchicago facebook group, twitter feed for #waxtraxfridays and instagram page for more WAX TRAX! info.



Hello, Wax Trax! people,

For all our U.S. folks, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. Now the fun officially begins as we slide into December and before you know it…Hello 2016!



That’s right, now’s your chance to take advantage of our one day holiday sale. We don’t care if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Devil day, Front 242 Worship day, or whatever…’TIS THE SEASON!
BIG discount on ALL clothing.  Pailhead, Pig, FLA, FRONT 242, LAIBACH, etc… now you can get your shopping out of the way for that special Wax Trax! fan (or just look good yourself by getting some fancy duds at a deep discount!)

The details= WAX TRAX! Online Store on Monday 11/30/15. Enter DREAMNEEDLE as a promo code at checkout and get 25% all clothing.

But remember…NOTHING STAYS (On Sale past Monday) Ugh, sorry


As some of you Kickstarter backers already know, we’ve been busy this month as gifts from our Kickstarter campaign have been hitting the postal stream. We will be sending out an official Kickstarter update this upcoming week to summarize the campaign so all you backers
will have a better idea of where we are with fulfillment and what still is expected.


As we mentioned recently, a couple of Wax Trax! all stars are still out on the road.

Our Sinister friends in MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT will be riding the mindway in the US for another 2 weeks. The shows have been fabulous with Groovie Mann and Company in classic form. The Electric Messiah Tour will conclude in Texas on December 13th. Better get on the stick boy…After that,  the days of swine and roses will be over!

Also-We were lucky to be able to check out Paul Barker on his latest stint with Puscifer as their production came through Chicago. Part concert… part theater… part full nelson body slams in the wrestling ring. All I can say is I never imagined Mr. Barker would look so dignified in a luchador mask…This show is highly recommended!



Yep-As many of you learned earlier this week, new UNDERWORLD album and UK tour this Spring! Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future will be released this March and can be pre-ordered here.


I’ve said this before, but Underworld will always hold a very special place in my heart. Besides being an undeniable classic in the Wax Trax! catalog, the band was one of the last artists signed by my dad before he passed. For a lot of us, they represented the last of an era as the direction and tone of the label shifted at the time. We cannot wait to hear the new release and hopefully a US tour won’t be far behind.

That’s it for now. Official Kickstarter update will be coming next for all of you who have helped us with the movie campaign so keep your eyes peeled for that. Also, whether it’s this Monday or not, keep checking back to the WAX TRAX! RECORDS online store for updated WAX TRAX! merch and rarities during the holiday season!

As always, join the group conversation on Facebook at waxtraxchicago, our WAX TRAX! twitter page for #waxtraxfriday, and on the Wax Trax! instagram for visuals from inside WTHQ.






Hello Wax Trax! Friends,

-Hope you all are doing well as we begin to quickly slide into fall.

I thought I would drop you a note, but before I let you in on what has been going on around here, I have to talk about this very significant day and about a person who is very special to me.

Today is October 10, 2015. For most of you the date might not mean much, but for me it marks the 20th anniversary of my dad’s death.
Oct. 1995 was an awful, confusing and just plain painful time both for Wax Trax! and our family… Hard to believe he was only 47.

From the beginning, he and Dannie created a vivid world that gave a home to many of us who preferred to paint outside the lines. What they accomplished with Wax Trax! in such a short amount of time is just mind blowing.

I think about him every single day and I think about how he would be so proud of his granddaughters. I only wish that they could have had the opportunity to suffer through his sarcasm and laser precision wit.

I miss his fried okra, BBQ’s on the rooftop, and endless games of cribbage, his speeding down Lakeshore Drive, deep knowledge of architecture and genuine obsession of music. He loved his family and this includes his Wax Trax! family.  I think he would have been so incredibly proud that what he helped create still connects with many of you all these years later. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support for the store, the label, and the music.

XO- Julia


For those of you who attended the Lead Into Gold live show last month at the Cold Waves event, we want to thank you for stopping in and saying hi at our WAX TRAX! RECORDS mini pop-up shop. It was wonderful to finally put faces to the many emails we’ve received over the years. I’ve said it before, but we wouldn’t be here without you and absolutely loved meeting you all in person. It was also a great unexpected surprise that Paul Barker was able to hang out in the shop as much as he did. It turned into a bit of a WT alumni reunion with label artists, store staff and friends. This reunion included long time visual master, Paul Elledge. For the uninitiated out there, Paul was responsible for many of the amazing images and visuals during the early 90s through MINISTRY’S most creative time.

Elledge has also graciously agreed to be part of this new single and we are thrilled that the upcoming promo shots of Lead Into Gold will be Paul x Paul collaborating once again!
I hope everyone had as much fun as we did throughout the weekend. How is Cold Waves gonna top this one…Jason?

Continuing with the L into G news, thank you all to those who have picked up the new WAX TRAX! release of Low & Slow. We are really proud of this new release from Mr. Barker and the packaging/ pressing really is a perfect nod to the earlier days of the label. You can still get the limited gold pressing as well as the new Lead Into Gold shirt from the WAX TRAX! online store. For all you Digiphiles out there, downloads and streaming are now available through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and all the usual outlets.



Also-In regards to the WAX TRAX! RECORDS online store, we are super happy to be working with Raymond Watts once again and will be serving up some <PIG> merch in the next few weeks to all you pig fans. Now…If we can just get him to tour the US.


Thanks to all of you who came out to see FRONT 242 last month. The turn out was just amazing! The band had such a great time and our daughter, running the tour merch,  came back with great stories of finally meeting so many wonderful fans for the first time (yeah-Steve Arra, we’re looking at you)



Thank you all for your patience as we work through our production and get everything ready. Now that the pop-up…new single…and 242 tour is done, our Kickstarter updates should be a little more frequent. Last month really kicked our ass and we apologize if we haven’t been as visible as usual. Trust me. after the documentary post production details, Kickstarter fulfillment is THE #1 priority for us.
I’ll end that note with a pic from our Kickstarter reward lunch with Mr. 23 last month. This was such a special gathering and we hope super fans, Gus & Al had as much fun as we did!!


That’s it for now. as always, join the conversation at the official waxtraxchicago Facebook group and at our twitter & instagram page.

I miss you dad…


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Hello Wax Trax! People!

Lots of great stuff happening since the last time we talked and it looks like all the eyes of the gods are fixed on the next 24 hours for all kinds of WAX TRAX! love.


For those of you who helped us out with the Monumentary funding, Thank you again. You are a huge part of bringing this project to life.
Most of you have locked in your surveys from BACKERKIT (Thank You!) This has made our job of manufacturing some of the items much smoother.

The way we have planned fulfillment as we move forward will be in waves.
Not everything will be ready at the same time, so we will be sending out different rewards over the next few weeks/months.
We’re really trying to stay ahead of our original fulfillment date (November for most rewards) and it looks like we’re on track to do just that.

We’ve already started, and last week we were able to send out most of the Front 242 Deluxe boxes as well as the Original limited Black Box from our archives.

We’ve got a new batch of good stuff shipping out next week and plan to include the limited Pailhead shirt and special pressing of the new Lead Into Gold EP.


We are about 24 hours away from the very special performance of Lead Into Gold here in Chicago. This year’s COLD WAVES Festival will mark Paul Barker’s first time on stage with this project and after peeking into a few rehearsals, we are so excited to see Paul back on stage.

This will also mark the weekend of the new WAX TRAX! RECORDS release from Paul. Lead Into Gold- Low & Slow (WAX 9198) will officially be released and available at our Cold Waves pop-up shop and directly through the WAX TRAX! online shop,
A limited pressing of 500 on Gold vinyl will offered first as well as digital downloads & streaming on Bandcamp, iTunes, amazon, Spotify, etc.


WT_Pop-Up-Metro_2015For those of you lucky enough to be in Chicago this weekend for the COLD WAVES Festival, WAX TRAX! RECORDS will be setting up a mini pop-up again this year. It was such great fun in 2014 that we thought it would be the perfect event to not only highlight the new WAX TRAX! release, but also showcase merch from our friends, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, who will be closing out the festival on Saturday.

So, If you’re looking for that vintage FRONT 242 Never Stop 12″ or That COIL promo poster for L.S.D.? You’re in luck. We’ve got tons (no really…tons) of vintage WAX TRAX! vinyl, CDs, posters and more for the savvy collector.
(As the guy on TV so eloquently says) “But that’s not all!”. This will be your chance to walk away with some new merch from classic WAX TRAX! bands. Apparel from Front 242, Laibach, FLA, Noise Unit, Lead Into Gold, Cyberaktif and more…Yep-We got ‘em.

Stop on in to check out some goodies or just come by to say “hello”. We met so many great people last year and it’s really nice to finally put a face to many of your emails from over the years.


So, I’m sure many of you on the West Coast are waiting with bated breath (or baited line) for the FRONT 242 performances this weekend in California. We thought we would include this nice shot Richard 23 took of the crowd at the Miami show last week. If these fans are any indication, I think you all are in for an amazing upcoming event.12031604_10153666591983875_1081989375951417487_oOnce again, WAX TRAX! RECORDS will be (wo)manning the merch booth so come on by and say hi to our very special merch girl at the show!

For fans who would like more info for the two remaining US FRONT 242 shows:
9/25/15 MEZZANINE San Fransisco, CA
9/27/15 AVALON Hollywood, CA

That’s it for now, as always, jump into the conversation on our Waxtraxchicago Facebook page, Twitter feed for #waxtraxfriday, and follow us on Instagram.


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