Hello Wax Trax! People,

Hope you’ve all been well since our last time together.
We’ve got some great news for you as we cautiously dip our toes into the new phase of this (hopefully) post-pandemic world.


Well, this title isn’t just a nod to the thaw that we are experiencing in 2021 as we get back to “normal”. It is also the first single for the upcoming WAX TRAX! release by Chicago’s legendary band, NAKED RAYGUN.

We have officially opened up pre-orders for a summer release of the band’s first full length album in over 30 years.
OVER THE OVERLORDS will be released on August 2, 2021 and is now available through our official online store at WAXTRAX.COM.

In true WAX TRAX! form, we will have a few choices fans can pick from:
The single LP will be available in the standard black as well as a limited transparent red.

For the ultra-mega fan, we are offering two exclusive editions with very low quantities.
250 of a black & grey vinyl – only available through
250 blue & blue vinyl- only available at

But hey, that’s not all! To sweeten the deal, we are also offering a special 2 disc edition. This edition will have the full length coupled with a bonus disc with 4 unreleased live songs and a Paul Barker mix of “Living In The Good Times”. This vinyl is strictly limited and won’t be available once it sells out. As with all our limited pressings, when they’re gone – They’re really gone.


As some of you have noticed, INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records has been streaming on the CODA Collection for a few months now. For those not familiar, CODA is an all music video streaming service nested in the Amazon interface.

Well, starting in June – CODA has struck a deal with United Airlines to include INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT on their inflight movie roster for 2021. We always knew the award winning documentary was going places, now we can include routes to Toledo and Des Moines on that list!


This fall we will see the return of bands out on the road, hitting venues for the first time in over a year.
I think we’re all ready for some live music and WAX TRAX! will be right along side you this September and October as we gear up to run tour merch for two of our biggest WAX TRAX! artists.

FRONT 242 is celebrating their 40th year anniversary and has rescheduled their US tour from Sept. 15 – Oct. 12. This includes the two Cold Waves Festival dates in Chicago and LA. We hope you can join us – You can find all 242 tour info at FRONT242.COM

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY will also be hitting the road with WAX TRAX cornerstone band MINISTRY for the rescheduled INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH TOUR. The US tour will run from Oct. 3 – Nov. 3. Hope you can stop by to hang out and say hello. Complete tour info and tickets can be found HERE


As some of you know, we have been working closely with VANS as part of their CH66 programming to bring you a monthly video show that airs on our WAX TRAX! Twitch channel as well.
This Thursday 6/3/21, will be our next episode and will feature a special performance by LEAD INTO GOLD. I will once again be talking with hosts Mike & Herb as well as a super sweet DJ set from Chicago’s own Glenn Russell as he plays anything and everything. Anyone can watch for free by just tuning in. If you would like to jump into the chat with other WAX TRAX! people – Just sign up (It’s also free) and follow the channel. At that point you join the cha(n)t!
Listen to new and classic music, talk with friends and watch Mr. Paul Barker do his thing.
Hmmm…It’s almost like being back on Lincoln Ave.


Lastly – This is an update for all our Coil pre-orders. We have run into an issue with the upcoming release of Coil’s, Love’s Secret Domain. Like many other labels over this past year, we are getting word of some unforeseen delays in the record pressing supply chain. There has also been a quality issue in production that we weren’t happy with and as a result the release will be pushed back approximately four weeks into July. The record pressing supply chain was out of our hands, but the quality issue is something we feel strongly about and ultimately we will have a superior product to pass along to you all.
Regarding the limited variants. We have sold out of one of the deluxe editions. If you have been on the fence, you may not want to wait too long – Just sayin’.

That’s it for now.

As always, join the conversation at our official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch accounts or visit our online store for the largest collection of WAX TRAX! new and vintage collectables.

-Until next time

xo J

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COIL – Love’s Secret Domain – 30th Anniversary Remastered From Wax Trax! Records

Hello Wax Trax People!-Hope you all have been staying nice and toasty as winter continues to dump on us throughout the US (We feel for you Texas!).

Hopefully this little WAX TRAX! update will be a nice warm diversion from this Winter-Covid-Wonderland that we have been trying to dig ourselves out of. Let’s get to it – Shall we?

As some of you may have heard, one of the things we have been working on for a while is a WAX TRAX! exclusive 30th anniversary of COIL’s Love Secret Domain. Well, the rumors are true and we are very excited to bring you the only official release that joins forces with the last remaining member of COIL’s lineup from the LSD sessions, Stephen Thrower.

Over the decades, the release has always been one of the crown jewels in the label’s catalog and we are excited to bring this landmark release back in print. Remastered to its full glory from original source materials only through WAX TRAX! RECORDS.

For those not familiar with COIL’s original WAX TRAX! release in 1991, it came at a very precarious moment in the WAX TRAX! timeline and we have always felt that the original roll out three decades ago was slightly abridged. We’re here now to make things right.

Pre-orders at the WAX TRAX! ONLINE STORE are now available. These records will start shipping on the official release date of Summer Solstice, JUNE 20, 2021. A lot of love went into this project and as a result, we have a few special pressings that should satisfy the most diehard COIL fan.


Featuring the original 9 vinyl tracks remastered by Josh Bonati from original source materials, the album will include an extensive booklet with previously unseen imagery and an essay written by Drew Daniel (Matmos) featuring quotes and memories from: Stephen Thrower, Marc Almond, Annie Bandez, Charles Hayward, Rose McDowall, Billy McGee, Steven Stapleton and Andy Wombwell.

Limited Dark River Red Variant

Learn More


We’ve split the expanded 13 tracks across 2 LPs in a completely separate pressing. Album will include an extensive booklet with previously unseen imagery and an essay written by Drew Daniel (Matmos) featuring quotes and memories from: Stephen Thrower, Marc Almond, Annie Bandez, Charles Hayward, Rose McDowall, Billy McGee, Steven Stapleton and Andy Wombwell.

Learn More


Consider it the Deluxe edition of the Deluxe edition. Simply put, it’s the 2LP Deluxe edition coupled with the newly remastered Windowpane & The Snow 12”s (by Josh Bonati of course) + the CD and other goodies.

As a bonus, all pre-orders of this edition receive a 7” of “Dark Age Of Love” from the LSD sessions.

Learn More


Special pre-order bundle for the Amber Deluxe Edition. Vinyl includes a reproduction of the original The Snow T-Shirt. This shirt was slated to be a promotional item back in 1991 but was scrapped at the last minute and will only be available here while supplies last. Once the album is officially released, this shirt will be deleted and not printed again.

Learn More

That’s a ton to take in for now. We have a lot more special WAX TRAX! news coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned – We’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

As always, join the conversation at the official WAX TRAX! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch pages


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Hello Wax Trax people!

A quick note on a couple of very exciting things that we have happening this week regarding the documentary and label.


This week, we are having another one of our monthly WAX TRAX! WEDNESDAYS on the official WAX TRAX! TWITCH Channel.
For October, we have decided to kick it up a notch and stream our 2019 documentary INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT,  FREE for anyone around the world who is able to tune in.

In addition to the free streaming, there will be an active chat happening during the film. We’re excited to see WAX TRAX! fans from around the world who check in in real time. From Portland to Prague – REPRESENT!!

There is no sign-up required to watch the film. However, if you want into the chat, you will need to sign into a free twitch account and tap on that little heart on our main page to “follow”.

Also – As a way to help our venue brothers and sisters during this bizarro year, we will have a direct link to SAVE OUR STAGES during the streaming for anyone who is feeling generous and would like to help this very worthy cause.
FYI – WAX TRAX! doesn’t take ANY cut from these donations. We just think it’s important to help the same small venues who booked Front 242, Meat Beat Manifesto, Revolting Cocks, and other independent artists across all genres throughout the years. The first businesses to close and the last to reopen— Let’s do everything we can to make sure these important music lifelines don’t go away.

Details: The streaming will be hosted this Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 7pm (Central Time) on the WAX TRAX! TWITCH page.  
DJ Larry Crandus will kick off the event with a playlist from the original Chicago storefront as well as 1980s home video from inside the Lincoln Ave. store. The documentary will immediately follow.

We hope to see you this Wednesday!



Just a reminder- The remastered re-issue for MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT / Confessions Of A Knife…Will be officially released this Saturday, October 24.

Pre-Orders will start to ship this week. Some limited variants have sold out, but we still have a few of the special editions left at our online store.

We have also increased our wholesale for this TKK title to independent record stores throughout North America. Ask for it at your local record shop.



That’s it for now!

As always join the conversation on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course TWITCH pages.

-Until next time


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Hello, Wax Trax! people!

We hope you all are doing well and staying relatively sane during this year of the apocalypse.
Our hearts and thoughts are with all of you in the western states battling the fires as well as our friends on the southern coast in the path of the latest hurricane onslaught.

A couple of things to pass along as we barrel into the bowels of Autumn. Hopefully some of this Wax Trax! news will be a needed distraction from world falling apart around us.


For their 30th Anniversary, we have dusted off the master tapes from one of the cornerstone releases on the original roster. Confessions Of A Knife… By MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT will be in print again in all its fabulous glory.
Daisy Chain For Satan, Ride The Mindway, Kooler Than Jesus – They’re all here Waiting for Mommie.
As part of the celebration, we are rolling out a few variant editions that we think you might be interested in.

First up – We have the SILVER MESSIAH EDITION that comes with a few very special pieces:

-Confessions Of A Knife – Pressed on silver vinyl
-Kooler Than Jesus – Pressed on silver vinyl w/ Groovie art B-Side
-1990 Confessions VIP pass w/ USB drive containing 16 tracks
-44pg. Vintage Groovie Mann Confessions era art book
-Anniversary t-shirt
-Anniversary tote bag

As a PRE-ORDER SPECIAL, the first 150 SILVER MESSIAH orders get a Groovie Mann prayer signed by both Groovie & Buzz! (Measures 2.5″ x 3.5″ – Each card is different!)

Note: SILVER MESSIAH EDITION is strictly limited to a pressing of 666

Next we have the HELL- FIRE EDITION
Vinyl limited to a pressing of 900

And of course the STANDARD EDITION.

If you are more of a CD person – No worries, we’ve got you covered.
All tracks from the two Messiah vinyl pressings will be on CD reissue plus a remastered version of “Nervous Xians” from “Some Have To Dance… Some Have To Kill” 12 inch.

Official release date is Saturday, Oct. 23.
However, PRE-ORDER is open now at
Just some words of seasoned advice – If you’re eyeing these, we suggest not waiting too long since we expect some of the limited runs to not be around very long.

For those of you looking for a little online music love, we want to point you to a special 3 day event happening this weekend.
Since Chicago’s COLD WAVES FESTIVAL isn’t happening in the traditional sense this year, the festival has created a space online for some unique programming. Archival, concerts, commentary, documentary, etc…Yep – This weekend will have a lot to choose from. And the best part of it, it is absolutely FREE. Just head over to COLD WAVES for all the program details and links to their Twitch channel.

As if that isn’t enough – WAX TRAX! will also be donating the above mentioned THRILL KILL KULT – SILVER MESSIAH EDITION as part of the COLD WAVES memorabilia auction. Lots of other great stuff. We strongly suggest checking it out if you can.

Okay, here is one for the gamers out there. Specifically for all you ANIMAL CROSSING enthusiasts.
Here are a few WAX TRAX QR codes to help class up your island. Why? – Because we love you!

That’s it for now. We hope you can join the WAX TRAX! conversation on our official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch pages.

Please remember to be kind to each other. We are in the middle of a long slog without any clear end in sight. As we all get wound tighter and tighter during this shit storm, it’s easy to lose ourselves. Offering up a little kindness to others in even the most mundane situations can go a long way for everyone.



Hello Wax Trax People!

-Hope you are staying sane through all this craziness.

We just wanted to quickly check in and catch you up with things happening here in Chicago.

After months of our pressing plant being shut down due to Covid-19, we finally got the green light that the STRIKE UNDER records will be finished soon. Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered the limited editions. I know we’re still living in Bizarro World during this global shut down, but if everything goes as planned, we should be shipping out your records by the end of this month.

To anyone who has been sitting on the side-lines for the 40th anniversary reissue of this first WAX TRAX! release – We still have a few of the RED EDITION with bonus 7” in stock at our online store.
The CLEAR EDITION sold out immediately and just a reminder – These PRE-ORDER EDITIONS will not be available after May – This next week will be your last chance for romance.

We hope you can join us TONIGHT –  WEDNESDAY, MAY 20 as we continue to fight boredom with our live DJ series on our WAX TRAX RECORDS TWITCH channel. DJ BUD SWEET starts the party at 7p and continues to 9p Chicago time (CST). Follow us on TWITCH and you will be notified every time we go live. (Or just tune into the link and watch)
This has been a ton of fun while we all have been cooped up.
Plus – You never know who might just drop in as a future guest DJ.

Three of the most sought after collectables in the WAX TRAX! catalog are going up for grabs.

For those unfamiliar with this little piece of unreleased history from the WAX TRAX! universe, This is the original recording and version for what later became MONEY. We found a handful of these Incredibly rare test pressings and are now offering a them to you at WAXTRAX.COM.

Here is another moment in history that we have uncovered. This EP was recorded after Caustic Grip and before TNI. It is a perfect bridge between the two eras of FLA. The songs were eventually used as TNI b-Sides, but here she is in all her glory as meant to be heard.

Yep – We found a few of these beauties left from last year’s tour and thought we’d pass some CASH GRAB LOVE along to a handful of collectors who may have lost out early on…And before we get flooded with email questions – YES, the 2nd bonus 7″ is included.

All these are at our online store and because we only have a few, we don’t expect them to last long!

That’s it for now. Be sure to check out WAXTRAX.COM for more goodies and collectables. As always, join the conversation at the official WAX TRAX! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now our new TWITCH streaming page.

Until next time!


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Well, Hi-Dee-Hey! Happy 2020 and here is wishing a very industrious Year Of The Rat to all you Chinese zodiac loving MoFo’s!

Let’s get right to it – shall we?
WAAAAAY back in 1980 when the Chicago storefront was still pumping out illegal bootlegs and flirting with the idea of licensing a new UK band called Bauhaus to start a label (Jeeze, I would love to visit the alternative universe where that actually happened), No one from that shop at 2449 Lincoln Ave. could ever have imagined that the WAX TRAX! RECORDS imprint would still be meaningful 40 years later. I have to admit, after my dad passed away and TVT had picked the label’s bones clean before discarding the carcass, even I thought the golden age of WAX TRAX! would end up as a history footnote or music folklore told on random barstools from time to time.
(<In my best drunk speak> “Remember that time we saw Revolting Cocks tripping balls with drag queens breathing fire and farm animals?? – Those were the day”)

For those of you paying attention and keeping score, the road from ruin has been roughly 10 years in the making, starting officially with the three day sold out RETROSPECTACLE in 2011.
What some of you may not know is that a dedicated crew behind the scenes has slowly and methodically been putting many of the pieces back together. Our primary goal has been to establish the legacy of Jim & Dannie and honor their work in a way that we hope will be passed down through the larger universe of music history.
This has been achieved through the recent WAX TRAX! Documentary as well as reigniting important relationships with the artists that inspired my dad and Dannie in the first place.
But – As I’ve said many times in interviews, WAX TRAX! doesn’t exist without Jim & Dannie and we would never try to replace them and moving ahead would have to make sense in the larger picture. Our intent has never been to officially reestablish the label in an expanded way…Until now.

For the 40th anniversary of the WAX TRAX! label, we are kicking off the year right with a release that is not only symbolic to the label’s origin, but also featured in the <Insert shameless plug here> award winning INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records.
STRIKE UNDER – IMMEDIATE ACTION 12-inch will be released this April through and record stores throughout the US. This long out of print EP is widely considered WAX 001 and has eluded collectors for decades.
We are happy to start the next 40 years with a trip back to mark the label’s humble beginnings.
That would be news enough but as you know, WAX TRAX! likes to go above and beyond.

Do we have anything special for all you pre-orderers? Well, of course we do.

In addition to the standard 12-inch edition, we have produced two special numbered editions with alternative covers, colored vinyl and bundled with a very limited 7-inch that includes unreleased tracks from the first STRIKE UNDER show in 1980.
This is ONLY AVAILABLE AS A PRE-ORDER BUNDLE. This means after April 18, 2020, they will go away. I wouldn’t sit too long on these. When they’re gone – They’re gone.
Both the 12-inch and 12-inch + 7-inch bundle are available starting today, 2/07/20 and will ship in mid April.

You may be thinking “Hmmm – Does this mean it might be the start of more new or reissued material coming from the label?” Well, duh.
Okay let’s take this 40th year thing and kick it up a notch or two
What are you doing this September? Let’s hang out in So-Cal as we bring our posse to the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles. That is right, we are teaming up with COLD WAVES to showcase the WAX TRAX! originals – Front 242, The Young Gods, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Paul Barker & Chris Connelly.
This one night show on September 24 will also feature an official WAX TRAX! POP-UP SHOP filled with new and vintage goodies from the WAX TRAX! vault.
GA and VIP tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here
If you can’t make it to LA, please join us as we work with COLD WAVES FESTIVAL here in Chicago on September 17. This includes 3 Nights of incredible artists including WAX TRAX! originals as well as another WAX TRAX! pop-up shop for collectors. limited VIP tickets available through COLD WAVES
Okay, this next one is for the collectors and completist out there. We are in the process of filling in the original/vintage cassettes at This month, we will be adding most of our still sealed tape stock that we have in our archives. So – If you don’t immediately see the releases that you are looking for, check back and you will be rewarded (COIL & KLF fans – I’m talking directly to you!)
In addition to the cassettes, we have a new WAX TRAX! baseball cap and logo shirt color for those looking to expand their fabulous wardrobe.

Oh – And this happened last month. For the first time in over 20 years, WAX TRAX! RECORDS will have a permanent spot in Chicago. That’s right, we are moving our headquarters to 1120 N. Ashland. If that address sounds familiar to some of you audiophiles, it should. We have occupied the third floor of another legendary record store – Dusty Groove.
Right now we are still getting settled as we set up the new location for our mail order and distribution HQ. Will we open to the public every now and then for special opportunities? Stay tuned to find out.

That should cover things. As always, please join the official WAX TRAX! Facebook, twitter and instagram pages. or contact us directly at

Ciao for now


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Happy Halloween Wax Trax! People!

Just a quick note to let you all know what’s been going on at Wax Trax! HQ.
In addition to the phenomenal response we have had since offering INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT on AppleTV, Amazon Prime & Google Play/YouTube, we have also been busy re-stocking the online store with items other than just the Wax Trax! documentary.
In prepping for the holidays, over the next month we will be picking through the Wax Trax! vault and will be replenishing as well as adding new items to
To kick off the season, we have started by offering a new TKK shirt and some new Front 242 items. We have also read your emails regarding any extra Record Store Day editions of the soundtrack that we might have laying around. Well – We do have a handful that were held back and now are offering them to you until they are gone. Since the purchase will be through our Wax Trax! mail order, this will be the first time this edition has been offered outside North America.





Just a heads up to all you Ministry fans. As some of you may have heard, Mr. Jourgensen has teamed up with Melodic Virtue to create a new book about his influential band. This fully authorized visual history clocks in at 248 pages and is filled with rare and previously unseen content and commentary that spans Ministry’s entire career. You never know – You might even find one or two Wax Trax! treasures in there.
As a special roll out, Al Jourgensen & Aaron Tanner from Melodic Virtue will be in Chicago on December 13, 2019 for a very special book signing. The event will take place at Asrai Garden in the West Loop (inside the Ace Hotel).
200 copies of the book, including a deluxe edition that includes a 7” of the studio version “(Every Day is) Halloween (Acoustic)” featuring Dave Navarro, will be available for purchase at this event.

That’s not all Al & Company have up their sleeves. Special promotional products and events will be happening at other Chicago locations including Kuma’s Corner, Asrai Garden and a secret party DJ’d by Chicago legend Scary Lady Sarah.

You can check out all the detailed RSVP info HERE






As we mentioned last time, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult are finishing up the second leg of their “In The House Of Strange Affairs” tour. The show is the best they’ve sounded in years and if you happen to be at one of the Chicago dates on Nov. 7 & Nov. 9 , yours truly and the Wax Trax! crew will be helping out Groovie & Buzz by slingin’ shirts in the merch booth. Stop by and say hi!!




Lastly – 2020 will be a big year for Wax Trax! Records. For those keeping count, the label will officially turn 40 next year. Quite a milestone for a company who’s past, present and future story continues to be much stranger than fiction. Hmm, maybe Wax Trax! should do something kind of special and limited to mark the anniversary. – Just sayin’

That’s it for now. As always, visit for all things Wax Trax! and be sure to join the conversation at our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

until next time






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Hello Wax Trax! People, -Hope you have been enjoying your summer so far as we slip & slide through August!
I just wanted to check in and tell you all about some really great things happening in the World o’ WAX TRAX!




A huge thanks to all of you who have been spreading the word about INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records. The response both publicly and private messages regarding the documentary and soundtrack have been way beyond our expectations.
As some of you know, in addition to the physical editions, we launched the film for digital download back in June and the response and reviews have been stunning. With your help, we were able to push the pre-sales at appleTV up to #2 for June releases – THANK YOU!
We wanted to also mention that the 75 minutes of bonus footage is still only available on the DVD & special Blu-Ray edition. The bonus footage fills in a lot of gaps that we weren’t able to tackle in the feature film and we are so happy to hear that some fans like the bonus material as much or more than the main documentary.
If you were one of the people who watched the documentary on appleTV, Amazon Prime, or Google Play and wanted a little more…Then head on over to WAXTRAX.COM for the only way to get the extra footage editions.





Speaking of Google…Some of you may have caught the “Talks At Google”, we did a few months back. Mark & I had a ton of fun talking about the making of the film as well as the past, present and future of Wax Trax! Thanks to all the fine people at Google for inviting us and making us feel at home. This adds to the incredible press the movie and soundtrack have been getting. Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Revolver…And of course Forbes Magazine (Cuz nothing says Wax Trax! like Forbes!) You can check out all the press links for the documentary, soundtrack and tour compiled at





What are you all doing in September? Please join us in Chicago as we set up a special WAX TRAX! COLLECTOR’S CORNER at the upcoming Cold Waves Festival September 19-22. We are doing things a little differently and paring things down a bit at this year’s CW VIII. We will of course have the WAX TRAX! Documentary and soundtrack available but we will also be cherry picking some of the more rare and super limited items from the WAX TRAX! vault to offer to collectors. Are you looking for a sealed copy of Naive’s 1st pressing?…Mint copy of Chill Out?…A Test Pressing of the COIL Snow 12″?…Yep, we’ll have ‘em. We may have even found a few of those super limited CASH GRAB box sets complete with second bonus 7″ that was offered earlier this year. Our suggestion for anyone flying in from outside the country, this may be your only chance to pick one of these rare boxed beauties since it was only offered through the US mail-order.
Basically, we have carved out a special spot at Metro to offer items not available at our online store.
We suggest getting there early since we expect most of these items won’t last long.
If you can’t make it to Chicago, No worries – Cold Waves is taking their show on the road to LA, Brooklyn, Baltimore, San Francisco and more. This includes WAX TRAX! Alumni, Paul Barker and Test Dept. together with Severed Heads, PWEI and more!
You can check out the entire North American tour dates and cities HERE.





My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult is on the road for Part 2 in support of the new album HOUSE OF STRANGE AFFAIRS. Starting October 18. Buzz, Groovie & Co. will be hitting the east coast and mid-west this fall.
Tour information for all the upcoming shows can be found HERE
The shows for last spring’s “Part 1” were amazing and checking out these upcoming dates is highly recommended. The WAX TRAX! crew will definitely be in attendance for their Chicago performances: Nov. 7 at The Chop Shop & Nov. 9 at The Wire . See you there!





Hey just a heads up – For those completists keeping score on the different soundtrack options we wanted to point you to the official WAX TRAX! Bandcamp page. Yes – Of course we have this album available on itunes, Amazon, etc. but due to some restrictive licensing issues on the back end, bandcamp is actually the only place on earth to get all the digital songs together in one location as a complete album bundle. This includes the amazing instrumental tracks by Roland Barker & Lead Into Gold packaged together with Laibach, The Young Gods, etc. for the first time.





Some of you may have noticed the documentary and soundtrack showing up at local stores like Amoeba or Rough Trade, etc. Well, we are selling direct wholesale to record stores around the world and want to continue to get this Blu-Ray/DVD and vinyl/CD into as many mom & pops as possible. If you want the film and soundtrack in your local record store, let the owners know how to contact us directly at to set up their wholesale account.


That’s it for now, Be sure to check out WAXTRAX.COM for goodies and collectables. As always, join the conversation at the official WAX TRAX! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Until next time


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Hi Wax Trax! People

Okay, tons of pretty amazing stuff has happened since the last update. Before we unpack the last couple of months, let’s talk about something we are super excited about.



For Wax Trax! fans who have been waiting for a VOD/ digital download of the documentary, we are happy to announce that the film will be available worldwide on iTunes and other download services, June 4th.
iTunes pre-orders are available now and are a fool-proof way to make sure the documentary is there waiting for you in your library first thing on the release date.

For our international friends, we are thrilled to have this film accessible around the world in 79 different territories and sub-titled in five different languages.

We have a favor to ask any of you who are iTunes users and will be watching via Apple. Please write a review of the documentary when you get a chance. It will help move the film up the iTunes promotional chain and hopefully expose it to a whole new audience who may not know about Wax Trax!




For those of you who are looking for the extra footage, the DVD/Blu-Ray is still the only way to get this exclusive bonus. The 75min of additional material is available now at

Some of you have posted that you think the bonus material may be as good as the main feature. We must agree – We used this extra footage as a way to dig deeper into stories that wouldn’t fit into the main narrative and timeline. We really worked hard to give fans a special treat with an inside look from the artist’s perspective. This is a must-see for any fan of the label and store! Available now only at the Wax Trax! online shop.



photos:Casey Mitchell, Bobby Talamine, Derick Smith

What an incredible tour we had last month. We know it has been a while, but we are still reeling from this once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to everyone at Vans, RSD and Ministry for joining forces with this project and bringing something special to the six cities we hit. Thanks for having us and we hope we can do something just as fantastic again in the future!

That’s it for now. Please join the conversation at our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages
and don’t forget to check out the constantly updated stock of Wax Trax! goodies at our official Wax Trax! Online Shop.


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In partnership with Vans and Record Store Day

4/13 kicks off a once-in-a-lifetime tour of Experience Events.
VIP Tickets can ONLY be acquired with the purchase of the SPECIAL VIP TICKET EDITIONS OF THE SOUNDTRACK at participating stores in each market.


SOUNDTRACK + TICKET EDITIONS will be available on a first-come basis starting on Record Store Day in the stores below. No pre-orders, no holds. TWO tickets will be included with each Blue Vinyl RSD edition at these stores until quantities run out. (And yes – We expect them to run out – So get there early!)
In addition to the VIP tickets, fans can get more information about, and register for free GENERAL ADMISSION tickets, starting on 4/13 at



VANS Presents: Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records Experience Events
4/13: Chicago, IL @ House of Vans Chicago
4/15: Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
4/17: Toronto, CA @ Danforth Music Hall
4/19: Austin, TX @ Fair Market
4/22: San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
4/23: Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom

Participating Record Stores
Find addresses and contact info for all participating Record Store Day stores at

Chicago, IL

Laurie’s Planet of Sound
Reckless Records (all locations)
Dave’s Records
Shuga Records
Beverly Records

New York, NY

Generation Records
Academy Records
Rough Trade

Toronto, CANADA

Dead Dog Records
Sonic Boom
Rotate This
Pop Music

Austin, TX

Waterloo Records
End of an Ear

San Francisco, CA

1-2-3-4 Go! Records
Amoeba Records

Los Angeles, CA

Permanent Records
Going Underground
Amoeba Records

See you there!


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