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The label put out 14 new releases in 1987. First time titles from Laibach, Pailhead, 1,000 Homo Djs, and Front Line Assembly, blended nicely with new music from the Wax Trax! marquee acts of FRONT 242 and Live Revolting Cocks. Another noteworthy release this year was the P.E.T.A. collaboration, “Animal Liberation”. This Wax Trax release brought together new music from their own roster as well as current artists such as Lene Lovich, Nina Hagen and Captain Sensible. The release culminated with a live performance at Medusa’s from the contributing artists. This is considered by many to be the most innovative and creative time for the label.

For the first Pailhead sessions, Al, his wife Patty and daughter, Adrienne, went to pick up Ian Mackaye at the airport.  Adrienne was a toddler at the time, and was in a fidgety mood. She was crying for her stuffed toy bunny… “BUNNY!, BUNNY!, BUNNY!” Patty became exasperated and yelled “There’s no bunny!”  Thus a song was born.

Regarding the store,1987 is sometimes considered to be the end of the beginning…or the beginning of the end . Although things look hugely successful on the surface, Jim & Dannie started to focus more and more resources on the label.  They became absent from the day-to-day operations of the store, and as a result, business internally got sloppy. The store began to be a virtual piggy bank to a lot of people behind the scenes including Jim & Dannie. At the time, the store could absorb the hits. They were having upwards of $20,000 days and It looked as though Wax Trax on Lincoln Ave. could go on forever….that would soon change.

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