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This was the pinnacle year of the store and the label humming together successfully in unison.  For the Chicago punk and independent music scene, things were falling into place, and many of the bands that called the Wax Trax! store home for so many years were seeing success and their popularity grow exponentially. Naked Raygun released their classic second album “All Rise” with members that would be considered by many to be their most creative and “classic” line up ever. Big Black Released their first full length LP “Atomizer” and Touch & Go Records had relocated to Chicago.
The label was putting out more from veterans, FRONT 242, The Revolting Cocks and solo Luc Van Acker. A new addition from Sweden introduced The Young Gods to the Wax Trax! family. In all, The label released around 10 new titles in 1986 bringing the catalogue up to WAX 024.

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