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John Hughes was a frequent customer at Wax Trax! and found many of his soundtrack bands from the Lincoln Avenue store. Hughes wanted to use the store in his upcoming movie, Pretty In Pink. Although filming was scheduled, due to various production conflicts, the exact look of the store was ultimately recreated in hollywood using all Wax Trax supplied material. The final record store name in the film was changed to “Trax”.
At the label, this year was extremely fruitful. Ministry returned to Wax Trax!, after a short time on Arista Records, producing two gems in the catalogue…(Everyday) is Halloween & The Nature of Love. In addition to Ministry, ’85 will mark the year Jourgensen begins a collaboration with two other Wax Trax artists. Al lays the foundation for an ongoing incestuous circus, blurring the lines of where one Wax Trax! band ends and another begins. As legend has it, an unsuspecting bartender from Chicago’s Orbit Room throws out 2 belgians and a Chicagoan after a drunken drug induced bar brawl. As they exchanged insults, he yells  “YOU GUYS ARE BUNCH OF COCKS!” without skipping a beat, a young Mr. Van Acker shoots back “THAT’S RIGHT-AND WE’RE REVOLTING!”

Jim & Dannie originally thought it was a stupid name for a band. Jim half joked about instructing Brian Shanley, the label’s visual guru, to deliberately make a mistake on the first 12” cover and change the name to  “REVOLTING COOKS”.

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