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Jim & Dannie always said there wasn’t a master plan. As with everything else that they did, Wax Trax was starting to put out music that Jim & Dannie wanted to hear but was hard to obtain. By being huge fans of their own artists, the business plan (or lack of) started to take shape. They quickly became notorious for being an artist friendly label, with a huge percentage of sales going back to the performers. They treated their bands as family, and it was very common to have the label artists over for dinner or rooftop BBQ.  Out of trust and a genuine respect for the creative process they would produce virtually whatever recordings the bands gave them.This creative freedom was impetus of the Wax Trax success….and with success came money.

Wax Trax would later be defined as pioneering the Industrial dance genre.  Jim was always a little uncomfortable with the dubious distinction, and would often refer to himself sarcastically as “King of Industrial Music”. Both he and Dannie felt that Wax Trax! was not so much an industrial music label but more of a label for experimental music.

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