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Wax Trax! released its first mail order catalogue. Back in the dark ages of communication, this helped spread the Wax Trax name across the country. Thanks to kids ordering from outside Chicago, the Wax Trax empire began to grow…One  Siouxsie Sioux 7 inch and New Order button at a time.
With the UK success of Ministry’s Cold Life, Wax Trax! was able to search out and sign new bands. After receiving the “U-Men” import single for the store, Jim & Dannie set sights on the new group FRONT 242. 1983 marked the first licensing agreement between Wax Trax! Records and Play it Again Sam Records (PIAS) in Belgium. FRONT 242’s first Wax Trax! single “Endless Riddance”  became a huge club success for the label. This was also the year that the newly opened Metro (then Cabaret Metro) and teen club Medusa’s would play a massive role as permanent venues for Wax Trax! to showcase their artists locally as well as a test outlet for Djs to play the new blend of heavier synth dance music that will soon fill in the Wax Trax! catalogue.

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