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One Chicago band that was gaining popularity over the past few years was Special Affect, a local experimental synth pop band. The group would ultimately split up, but two members would go on to become important contributors to the Wax Trax label.
Jim & Dannie were given a demo from a young Al Jourgensen, former guitar player of Special Affect. The tape contained Cold Life and Primental.  They have been quoted as being drawn to the “gloomy, white boy funk” that even though was selling well in England, hadn’t caught on in the US yet. The new group recorded the label’s third release; Ministry’s (A) I’m Falling/Primental and (B) Cold Life. This was the beginning of a long relationship between Jourgensen and Wax Trax!. Unexpectedly, Cold Life became a huge club hit in Europe. Jim & Dannie  needed to produce thousands of additional copies. The label was forced to hire their first official employee: Patti Pezzati was brought on board to help out with the overflow.

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