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Thanks to Jim & Dannie’s guidance and the amazing buyers they brought in (Mark Clifton, Craig Huffman, Nic Leuthauser), the store remained one of the few places in the United  States that you could walk in and get the new GBH, Discharge and Toy Dolls 7 inch along with an original Carl Perkins or Wanda Jackson LP while Bryan Ferry booms out of the speaker. With subway posters and defaced pop culture call outs fixed to every inch of the walls, it became the model for used record stores that followed.

The first official release on Wax Trax! Records debuted with the Strike Under “Immediate Action” EP.  Strike Under consisted of brothers Steve and Chris Bjorklund, and Pierre Kezdy. This was during the familial Chicago punk days when many different bands had common members. Strike Under would dissolve later that year and members would go on to form or join the bands Breaking Circus, Bloodsport, Naked Raygun and the Effigies. Even though this was the first official release, this was still play time for Wax Trax. Selling a few 12 inches through the store to friends seemed easy and natural.

The second Wax Trax release hits the streets that same year. Taking a sharp turn from the fast and loud working class Chicago hardcore of Strike Under, Divine’s “Born To Be Cheap” 7 inch will become the next release in the Wax Trax catalogue.  Besides being huge Divine fans, Jim & Dannie’s love for the absurd and wicked sense of sarcasm, made this a perfect follow up addition to the new Wax Trax! roster. You can tell from the random catalogue numbers of the first two releases (03015X & 105021X) that Jim and Dannie hadn’t really thought of Wax Trax as a “real label”….That soon changes.

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