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One year in Chicago, and Wax Trax! continued to be the meeting place for artists and musicians. Wax Trax! maintained the focus on imports, as well as sponsoring shows and selling tickets through the store. Rock clubs like Gaspar’s and Tut’s were hosting local punk bands such as Skafish and Tutu and the Pirates. In addition to the new music coming from their customers, Jim and Dannie’s personal tastes began to shift into the new experimental, darker post punk coming out of England.  Imports by fledgling bands such as Wire, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Cabaret Voltaire and the Cure were first brought to Chicago via Wax Trax Records.
Also in 1979, Jim & Dannie along with their dear friend and longtime employee, Greg Pickett, would bootleg “one offs” to sell in the store. An early Brian Eno single with the label of “Was Trash 101” was their first shot at manufacturing.  Although this was a completely illegal, unauthorized release, it is important to note that this was Jim & Dannie’s true origin at making records.

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