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Even though the UK glam scene was fading, Wax Trax continued to focus on what was breaking out of England.  In January of ’78 the Sex Pistols toured the Southern US states for the first time after their release “Never Mind The Bollocks”. Since most touring bands didn’t stop in Denver at the time, Jim & Dannie didn’t think twice about traveling to the Texas show.  This was another recurring Jim & Dannie theme that would carry over when they solidified the label….If the bands they loved didn’t come to them…They would go to the bands.

Realizing the need to grow, the store moves to a larger location, on Washington street (Where it still is today)
later in the year,  Jim & Dannie took advantage of an opportunity, and the Wax Trax record store in Denver is sold to Dave Stidman and Duane Davis.  With the money from the sale, Jim and Dannie head east to Chicago to open the store on 2449 N. Lincoln that would become legend.

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