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Hard to find used music shaped the store quickly and it began to attract young bands and music fans. This, combined with Jim & Dannie’s natural ability to ignite a fire within people, helped make Wax Trax the nucleus of the underground movement within Denver. In addition to selling music, Wax Trax began supporting local underground bands and promoting live shows.  Like-minded music fans and artists found the store to be a place where they could find rare music, connect with other artists, exchange ideas, and promote live performances.

Differences within the partnership were starting to cause friction and cracks at the store. It was at this time that older Nash brother, Tom, stepped down. With Tom’s exit, Jim called on his new friend Mike Smyth to move to the US and become part of the Wax Trax! family.  Via Smyth’s UK connections, Wax Trax! firmly set the archetype for the “Euro-centric” music source that would be the foundation of Wax Trax! for decades to come. Today it’s easy to dismiss a store for carrying imports or independents. But for people who lived through that era,  finding music outside the chain stores was nearly impossible. Wax Trax! became the gate-keeper within Denver for an exclusive club of collectors and mega-fans.

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