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Wax Trax

After moving from Topeka KS to Denver CO in 1972 in search of a larger more progressive city, Jim & Dannie worked at a series of odd jobs including cabinet making with Jim’s brother Tom Nash.  In a short time, Jim, Dannie and Tom combined their personal record collections to open the first record store (spelled Wax Tracks ) on Ogden St. on December 22 1975.
The store primarily emphasized the music they loved.  Early 60’s mod & garage bands with the emerging UK glam scene made up a huge part of their inventory.

It was in this year that Jim made his first trip to London during the height of the UK Glam movement. He had been corosponding with a music fanatic from England, a young Mike Smyth, and decided the time was right to meet face to face. Although unknowing at the time, This friendship would have a profound effect on the store and the future of Wax Trax! Records.

When in England, Jim and Smyth tracked down the Roxy Music Fan Club headquarters in Birkenhead, Merseyside.  The rundown, sparsely furnished building left Jim somewhat disillusioned. “They could have at least put up a few rhinestones” said Nash.

Jim often commented about how bored he was of current music of the late 60’s & early 70’s. The UK glam scene of Bowie, T-Rex and Roxy Music brought him back to what originally made music fun and exciting. The store instantly appealed to the local audiophiles and collectors.

The original plan this year was to open the store in the more populated Kansas City area with fellow Rock n Roll devotee Steve Lafrenier…but after having to escape out of a second floor window from a botched drug deal, (for store start-up money), Jim, Dannie and Steve quickly returned to Denver. Steve politely declined to maintain the partnership with Nash & Flesher. This was one of the recurring themes over the years…doing business with Jim & Dannie was not for the weak or faint of heart.




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