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The beginning.

Jim Nash, originally from Kansas, and Dannie Flesher from Arkansas, met in 1971 at Gage Park, Topeka KS (a notorious park for gay cruising).  At the time, Dannie was 19… Jim was 23, married with 2 children.
Over the next 25 years, Jim & Dannie truly worked together as one. Jim had one of the most infectious and charismatic personalities, while Dannie was the strong quiet presence that would do anything for you and was often responsible for physically getting the work done.
As history is written and rewritten, It’s easy to throw cliches around like visionaries or pioneers and although they were truly those things, it’s impossible to fully describe the energy and passion that Jim & Dannie brought to the table…Gay hillbillies, loving fathers (Dannie treated Jim’s children as his own) , casual criminals, huge fans of art and architecture, incredibly sharp witted, creative, fearless, crass, extremely giving, extremely selfish…would all describe them accurately. Time and time again, Jim & Dannie created what wasn’t there. They weren’t part of the scene…they arguably made the scene.
It could be argued that their adventures were motivated for purely selfish reasons. If Jim & Dannie brought the Buzzcocks to town, it was without a doubt, because Jim & Dannie wanted to see/meet the Buzzcocks. If anyone else showed up, that was just a bonus.
They brought culture and cool to wherever they were, and even though their relationship was volatile and turbulent at times (beating the shit out of each other), the sum was always greater then its parts. It is almost certain that neither one would have accomplished so many amazing, groundbreaking things without each other.

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