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  1. Also so glad I found this site! What can I say about Wax Trax! record store/label. It was like Mecca. It was ground central for any kind of alternative person in Chicago in the 80s. I used to go there and just drool over all the funky releases from the UK/Europe that we would have NEVER been able to get our hands on if it hadnt been for wax trax. It was just like this wonderland of alternative stuff, like disneyland for punks/industrialists. :) Chicago and the world owe Wax Trax and its founders a world of debt. The guy earlier who suggested a city-wide holiday for wax trax was spot on. Not only was it the best record store in america, it held down that block of Lincoln ave as being my favorite in Chicago. It had Wax Trax, the Seminary Cafe (now an f-ing mcdonalds), the 3-Penny Cinema, the Biograph, the Red Lion pub, that interesting bookstore, that ‘Al Capone’ themed restaurant, Fiesta Mexicana (good cheap mexican food), and on and on. It is so metaphorical for the decline of Chicago and america that almost none of that is around anymore (I live in Europe now). RIP Wax Trax! and an eternal thank you! to its founders. Jonathan

  2. Wax Trax!-My #1 record label in the world, and it will always be! I used to go to the store on Lincoln ave. on every Saturday & proceed to blow half my paycheck, knowing that I would have some mind-blowing music in my possession (well, at least 90% of it!)-such fond memories that will never fade away! The corrupt city of Chicago should make one holiday out of the year (Halloween, perhaps?) as Wax Trax! Day & all of the local college
    stations play Wax Trax! records All Day!-The entire world owes Wax Trax! a debt of gratitude for what they have contributed to the world of music!
    FUCKIN’ A RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • So glad I happen to find this site. I knew Jim and Dannie in Topeka, Kansas when they were collecting records for their new Denver store. Our entourage of music fanatics made the 8 hour drive to visit them at the Denver store many times….it was a non-stop party in those years. The Ramones visited the store and I remember Joey bought a Helen Reddy 45. Many years later I met them at the Chicago store, and by then they were full bore into the production business and light years from just a used record store. Great memories.

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