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WAX 7113 - Ajax - Ajax

YEAR: 1990
CATALOG NUMBER: WAX 7113, WAXCS 7113, WAXCD 7113, WAX 113, WAX 113 CD
PERFORMERS: Michael Hornburg, Arleen L. Mitchel, Michael Roy

A01. One World
A02. Born To Tragedy
A03. Medicine
A04. Haze
A05. Madhouse
B01. Mind The Gap
B02. Fast Car
B03. Your House Is Mine
B04. B Box
B05. I Miss The Point

01. One World
02. Born To Tragedy
03. Medicine
04. B Box
05. Madhouse
06. Mind The Gap
07. Fast Car
08. Untitled
09. Your House Is Mine
10. Haze
11. Untitled
12. I Miss The Point


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