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WAX 007 - Ministry - All Day/Everyday (Is Halloween)

ARTIST: Ministry
TITLE: All Day/Everyday (Is Halloween)
YEAR: 1984
PERFORMERS: Al Jourgensen

A01. All Day
B01. Everyday (Is Halloween)

NOTES: This release was issued with sleeves in four different hues: blue, red, green and yellow. The first pressing of the blue sleeve does not have a barcode on the back. Later pressings have a barcode, and different colors were used for the text.

Posted February 7, 2011 by brandtgassman

One response to “WAX 007 – Ministry – All Day/Everyday (Is Halloween)

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  1. This record will forever be one of the best memories of my life. I remember waltzing into the store with my Sister and there stood Al and Dannie chatting by the cash register. My Sis was pretending not to be excited and Dannie pulled out a copy of “The Nature of Love” handed it to me and simply said “This is coming out soon, enjoy” with a big huge smile as we walked out the door. What a wonderful memory. :)

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