Hello Wax Trax! People,

Hope you’ve all been well since our last time together.
We’ve got some great news for you as we cautiously dip our toes into the new phase of this (hopefully) post-pandemic world.


Well, this title isn’t just a nod to the thaw that we are experiencing in 2021 as we get back to “normal”. It is also the first single for the upcoming WAX TRAX! release by Chicago’s legendary band, NAKED RAYGUN.

We have officially opened up pre-orders for a summer release of the band’s first full length album in over 30 years.
OVER THE OVERLORDS will be released on August 2, 2021 and is now available through our official online store at WAXTRAX.COM.

In true WAX TRAX! form, we will have a few choices fans can pick from:
The single LP will be available in the standard black as well as a limited transparent red.

For the ultra-mega fan, we are offering two exclusive editions with very low quantities.
250 of a black & grey vinyl – only available through
250 blue & blue vinyl- only available at

But hey, that’s not all! To sweeten the deal, we are also offering a special 2 disc edition. This edition will have the full length coupled with a bonus disc with 4 unreleased live songs and a Paul Barker mix of “Living In The Good Times”. This vinyl is strictly limited and won’t be available once it sells out. As with all our limited pressings, when they’re gone – They’re really gone.


As some of you have noticed, INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records has been streaming on the CODA Collection for a few months now. For those not familiar, CODA is an all music video streaming service nested in the Amazon interface.

Well, starting in June – CODA has struck a deal with United Airlines to include INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT on their inflight movie roster for 2021. We always knew the award winning documentary was going places, now we can include routes to Toledo and Des Moines on that list!


This fall we will see the return of bands out on the road, hitting venues for the first time in over a year.
I think we’re all ready for some live music and WAX TRAX! will be right along side you this September and October as we gear up to run tour merch for two of our biggest WAX TRAX! artists.

FRONT 242 is celebrating their 40th year anniversary and has rescheduled their US tour from Sept. 15 – Oct. 12. This includes the two Cold Waves Festival dates in Chicago and LA. We hope you can join us – You can find all 242 tour info at FRONT242.COM

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY will also be hitting the road with WAX TRAX cornerstone band MINISTRY for the rescheduled INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH TOUR. The US tour will run from Oct. 3 – Nov. 3. Hope you can stop by to hang out and say hello. Complete tour info and tickets can be found HERE


As some of you know, we have been working closely with VANS as part of their CH66 programming to bring you a monthly video show that airs on our WAX TRAX! Twitch channel as well.
This Thursday 6/3/21, will be our next episode and will feature a special performance by LEAD INTO GOLD. I will once again be talking with hosts Mike & Herb as well as a super sweet DJ set from Chicago’s own Glenn Russell as he plays anything and everything. Anyone can watch for free by just tuning in. If you would like to jump into the chat with other WAX TRAX! people – Just sign up (It’s also free) and follow the channel. At that point you join the cha(n)t!
Listen to new and classic music, talk with friends and watch Mr. Paul Barker do his thing.
Hmmm…It’s almost like being back on Lincoln Ave.


Lastly – This is an update for all our Coil pre-orders. We have run into an issue with the upcoming release of Coil’s, Love’s Secret Domain. Like many other labels over this past year, we are getting word of some unforeseen delays in the record pressing supply chain. There has also been a quality issue in production that we weren’t happy with and as a result the release will be pushed back approximately four weeks into July. The record pressing supply chain was out of our hands, but the quality issue is something we feel strongly about and ultimately we will have a superior product to pass along to you all.
Regarding the limited variants. We have sold out of one of the deluxe editions. If you have been on the fence, you may not want to wait too long – Just sayin’.

That’s it for now.

As always, join the conversation at our official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch accounts or visit our online store for the largest collection of WAX TRAX! new and vintage collectables.

-Until next time

xo J

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