Hello again Wax Trax! people!

It’s time for another update about the documentary. This time we’re headed to our friendly neighbors in the North. Edmonton, Alberta, it’s your turn!!

Please join us at NORTHWESTFEST as INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records is screened as a special sneak preview event! The WAX TRAX! film will be played on Friday, MAY 11 at 9:15pm at Metro Cinema in Edmonton, Alberta. Tickets can be purchased through NORTHWESTFEST or through the theater directly. -We’re counting on all you Albertans out there there to show up in force for some serious WAX TRAX! love!








Hey all you Londoners out there. If you are waiting until the last minute to buy tickets to the EAST END FILM FESTIVAL screenings, I wouldn’t wait too long if I were you. The APRIL 26th screening SOLD OUT immediately. The second APRIL 29th encore screening only has a few seats left. As I said before…You snooze you totally lose. (You’ve been warned!)
You can get tickets here.

As previously announced, on APRIL 26th, Luc Van Acker will be joining me after the show for a nice little chat about the history and influence of WAX TRAX! around the world. This will be the time to ask Mr. Acker all the things you wanted to know…How “Revolting Cocks” got its name…Why he is called Gumby…and why my dad would cut holes in the crotch of his underwear.



We also wanted to share some breaking news about the NASHVILLE screenings in May.
Our long time pal and spiritual adviser, Mr. Groovie Mann, will be joining me onstage after the MAY 12th screening. This will be an intimate discussion/Q&A with a founding member from a little ol’ band called MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT . I think those Xians will be Nervous indeed!

-Just a recap and reminder that festival tickets for the NASHVILLE FILM FESTIVAL screening of INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT went on sale APRIL 18 to festival participants, and APRIL 30 to the general public. If you missed the details, the film will screen at the Regal 23.
MAY 12
MAY 18



(In my most gossipy whisper-voice) Psssst. Hey Seattle…Better freshen up that Manic Panic-We’re coming for you. -Stay tuned.




Don’t forget to come by the merch booth during the last half of the FRONT 242 US tour and say hi.
If you’re in Chicago on APRIL 28 & 29, don’t miss MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT w/ Special guest CHRIS CONNELLY at the WIRE.


As always, join the conversation on our official Facebook, twitter, Instagram pages and don’t forget to check out the WAX TRAX! RECORDS online store for new and vintage collectables and merch.

-Until next time!


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