Hello Wax Trax! People!

It’s time for a new documentary and general WAX TRAX! update.

Since we haven’t checked in since way back in 2017, let’s go over some old news before we dig into what’s happening today.


As many of you remember, we had our special artist panel and test screening of INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT in LA, last November. I just want to go back and thank all our WAX TRAX! homies who were able to make it out to see the film and attend the special pop-up shop. What an incredible night! The gathering was undeniably about family and the sold out event was far beyond our expectations. It also ended up being a valuable tool in our post production process as we took the fan feedback very seriously.
Thank you to all who could attend!


For those who may have missed this video, here is a nice excerpt from the LA event, shot by Synthetik Films



Okay, this brings us back to the present and addressing one of our most frequent emails: “When can we see this damn film?”

Umm…How about next month?




(In my best Queen’s English) Here Ye-Here Ye! WAX TRAX! will be embarking on a Super-Sonic-Trans-Atlantic-Barn-Burner in order to bring our little documentary to the EAST END FILM FESTIVAL April, 2018! For all our international pals looking to finally check out this long awaited story of WAX TRAX!, please join us for our official UK premiere on April 26th, 2018.

Tickets can be secured through the East End Film Festival and directly through the CASTLE CINEMA theater. FYI-This UK screening is expected to sell out quickly. As always…If you blokes & birds snooze, you blokes & birds lose!

“Okay- But do you have any Non-Brittonic screenings planned?” you may ask…Well, duh.

We’ve got some really great things planned all around the world regarding INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT this year and will pass along the details as part of the official festival announcements. Stay tuned for more info from as we roll out the 2018 screenings over the next few weeks. Complete info can be found a



As we shake off the last days of winter, we could not be happier that some of the original key WAX TRAX! artists will be crossing the US for some springtime touring love.




The self-professed Dance Commandos will be hitting the states starting in April for some select dates.
What is special about this time, is the inclusion of some cities that have previously been off the touring route. For a full list of dates and venues check out the official FRONT 242 website.




Everyone’s favorite sextreme artists, Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy will also be crossing these amber waves of grain starting in April. This is an extension of their 30th anniversary tour and will be digging back through their deep and long history as pioneers of the dance floor.
A full list of dates can be found on the official TKK Newz page.



The extensive AmeriKKKant! tour will be in full swing in the US starting next week in support of the new Ministry release of the same name. Starting in California and ending in Texas, the US shows will blaze the trail for a world tour that will go through late August. For those who haven’t seen Ministry for a while, the set list seems to have been reworked to reflect both new and older material. Perhaps by next tour we’ll be able to hear a little (Every Day Is) Halloween…A girl can dream can’t she? -Bop bop.




Our beloved Scottish skallywag is at it again. The Tide Stripped Bare is Chris Connelly’s 20th release to date! Oh where has the time gone. It seems like only yesterday, a young spry Chris was provoking RevCo fans on Chicago’s (Cabaret) Metro stage for YGDSOB. The new album sold out on CD quickly but can still be found digitally on all the normal platforms. For more info on all things Connelly, check out his main site.

Jeeze-Will Mr. Connelly ever slow down?…Let’s hope not.




A new offering from everyone’s favorite Bass-Master-General is now available. Lead Into Gold has released the new 12″ – A SAVAGE GIFT / INSIDE A GOLDEN SUN. with a new full length coming soon. Hmm…could more live shows this year be close behind? Looks like this truly is the age of reason.





New to the online store are special WAX TRAX! magnets. Finally, the perfect way to fix that kid art or grocery list on the fridge. Oh, and while you grab yourself the magnet pack, don’t forget the patches that just arrived! Go get ‘em!

As always, join the conversation at the official WAX TRAX! Facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts. Be sure to check out the full assortment of new and vintage merch and collectables from the official WAX TRAX! RECORDS online shop.

Cheers Govna’