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-Hope you all are having a wonderful August as we begin to see summer starting to fade. Lots of great things happening around here at ground control and thought we would keep all our Wax Trax! homies up to date with all our upcoming plans. Let’s get started shall we?


Wax Trax! Records In Hollywood



Please join us in southern California as we take over Hollywood’s RICARDO MONTALBAN THEATER for one day on Thursday November 9th, 2017. We will be exploring the upcoming Wax Trax! documentary with a special artist Q&A and Wax Trax! pop-up store set up in the theater.


As a special bonus, free admission to a test screening of INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records will be offered to all ticket holders. We have made a few tweaks to our film since our Chicago audience screened it last April, but we need YOU to provide further feedback as we get closer to our final edit. This will be the first time an audience outside Chicago will see the Wax Trax! story and we are excited to have you all take part in the shaping of this film. An audience questionnaire will be available after viewing.




The panel Q&A will feature key artists from past Wax Trax! bands Front 242, Ministry, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and The Revolting Cocks discussing their early days on the label and what set Wax Trax! apart.
A special pop-up shop will also open in the theater offering original vinyl pressings, collectables and memorabilia from the Wax Trax! archives. Tickets to the event will include a limited Wax Trax! documentary poster, not commercially available

General Admission and VIP tickets can be purchased at waxtraxfilms.com

-Hope to see you in November!





Well…Since we’ll already be there, l guess we should actually just stay in Cali. Now that you will be an expert on the inside history of Wax Trax from watching INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT and hearing the history first hand, what next? Well, don’t forget about seeing the bands that started it all perform live over the next 2 days?
Join the original Wax Trax! artists Front Line Assembly, Meat Beat Manifesto, Cubanate, Chris Connelly, Richard 23, and Paul Barker (performing the classic album Big Sexyland) as they perform live at LA’s Cold Waves Festival on November 10-11, 2017. Over the past few years the fine people of Cold Waves have done an amazing job at bringing many of the original Wax Trax! artists back to the forefront while folding in amazing new talent that keeps the genre changing and moving forward.





For those people who are itching for more live classics from the original label roster. Pankow may just be the scratch you need! Embarking on their first American tour since 1990 (!), the EBM pioneers are back for a nice chunk of US shows. We are super excited to see them & their ding-dongs at their Chicago Cold Waves appearance.



Laibach print


For those of you who just need a little more Laibach in your life (And come on…Who doesn’t) We wanted to mention some news about the Slovenian Provocateurs. There is a limited Laibach art print being offered from Serigraphic Systems. This piece would look pretty bitchin’ hanging behind your podium.


We also know this is somewhat older news, but the documentary LIBERATION DAY which shadows the band during their 2015 concert in North Korea is making the rounds. We are really looking forward to seeing this when it makes its way closer to Chicago and if the trailer captured the audience confusion, bewilderment and disorientation correctly, the band’s live rendition of the Sound of Music may have been one of the greatest pranks of all time to be pulled off on an international level. GET ME A LIGHT BEER!



Other news regarding the official soundtrack to the documentary…Still working on it and will update when we have more to report.

That’s it for now. Lots of planning for November. We hope to see some of you during our special California event.
As always, the Wax Trax! online store is open 24/7. We have been restocking some of the vintage vinyl so check back if something you were looking for something that was previously out of stock.
Jump into the conversation on our Facebook, twitter and instagram pages as well as upcoming documentary news at waxtraxfilms.com
Until next time…

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