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Wow-So weird to think the year is half over! Tons of great things happening around here and it seems every WAX TRAX! band is getting ready to go out on the road for some tour love! Before we get into the avalanche of tour details we thought we would check in and pass along a little documentary update.

MAGAZINE (Not the band)



INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records was featured in last month’s issue of ELECTRONIC SOUND. For those not familiar with the UK magazine, this is a publication with incredibly dense knowledge, impeccable design and top notch writing.
We are honored to have been included and if you act quickly you may still be able to snag an issue with a limited New Order 7”…go get ‘em here!





Looks like the good folks of Chicago’s Cold Wave Festival are doing something special and packing up the family truckster and heading out west to the City of Angels this November.

For those who are unaware of this superb festival, the past 5 years Cold Waves has been a huge part of celebrating the underground music that we all grew up with. The festival has grown over time as they continually showcase many of the artists who pioneered the genre as well as artists who continue to carry the torch. 2017 marks a special year as Cold Waves expands its territory westward and bring its own mid-west brand of bad-ass to the Regent Theater in SoCal.

Both locations have some special WAX TRAX! alumni. I’m sure the Chicago tickets and LA tickets won’t last long, so be quick…or be sorry.

hmm… If only there was some way to present a super special event for the WAX TRAX! DOCUMENTARY around the LA Cold Waves Festival…just sayin’ ;)




In case you aren’t able to make it to the Cold Waves festivities, you still have a chance to see some of these WAX TRAX! alumni as they make their way across the states. Richard 23, Luc Van Acker, Chris Connelly and Paul Barker will once again open the gates to Big Sexyland with the WAX TRAX! classic album played in its entirety. If that wasn’t enough…It seems all the stars have aligned and this time the one and only FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY will be joining The Cocks for most of these very special dates. Check out the US tour dates and cities here.



Sascha K. & Co will once again be bringing the Ultra Heavy Beats of KMFDM back to the US this fall. The tour starts off at the Chicago Cold Waves fest and will kick off the band’s new EP “Yeah” and upcoming full length album. Check out tour dates and tickets here.





Raymond Watts is at it again and currently spreading his flesh across the US. If you missed this show last year we strongly suggest seeing this incredible show when they come to town. As if you don’t have reason enough, former KMFDM band mates En Esch and Guenter Schulz will be joining the Lord of Lard on this tour. Wow…I wonder if we’ll hear any songs they wrote together while Killing Mother Fucking Depeche Mode? I guess you’ll have to show up and find out. Check out the dates here for a town near you!





Our friends in My Life In The Thrill Kill Kult are gearing up for something very special to kick off their 30th anniversary this fall!
Beginning in October, you will be able to see the iconic WAX TRAX! albums “Confessions Of A Knife” and “I See Good Spirits, I See Bad Spirits” performed live in their entirety. There is a reason these WAX TRAX! releases are still treasured today…Now is your chance to walk through the original “Gateway To Hell”. Just make sure you’re wearing something fabulous.




The Belgians are coming! 2017 is shaping up to be an incredible year to see original WAX TRAX! artists live. Front 242 will be back in the US and ready to throw down. This time around, the Belgians will be hitting a few cities that they couldn’t get to last tour. Find out about show dates here.





What would a Wax Trax! artist touring schedule be without our good friend Mr. Jourgensen? As some of you may know Ministry has been finishing up dates in the UK and then getting ready for their first headlining slot in Australia and New Zealand this fall. We are very happy that Mr. J will be picking up a few US dates between his globetrotting and is able to stop by Chicago for RiotFest before he heads down under.

Fans wanting a little back catalog luv might be in for a nice surprise. If the band’s recent shows are any indication of the upcoming set-list, Ministry should be weaving in some live versions of classic songs not heard in many, many years…could that mean we might get lucky and hear a little (Everyday Is) Halloween? One can dream…Bop Bop!

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