Alright Documentary people-the one week countdown begins…

A ton of hard work and love has gone into this Documentary film. We are very excited to have brought in some of the artists who helped make it happen. After watching the film, you will hear the history of Wax Trax! from the musicians themselves… What went right and of course what ultimately went wrong.

and I really hope you can join us here in Chicago for this very special weekend!

Here are details of the artist panels

A one day event marking the upcoming feature documentary of Chicago’s legendary independent record store and label.
This includes two special panel discussions with past and present artists from FRONT 242, MINISTRY, THE REVOLTING COCKS, MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT and THE DEAD KENNEDYS.

Tickets can be found here

Panel participants include:

Jello Biafra
In addition to being a punk rock legend as a founding member of the Dead Kennedys, LARD and king dude at Alternative Tentacles, Jello’s humble beginnings started at the original WAX TRAX! store in Denver, Colorado.
Friends of Wax Trax founders Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher, Jello was an early staple of the store as well as the label.

Richard 23
Member of Belgian dance commandos FRONT 242 as well as founding member of the Revolting Cocks. When Richard isn’t performing on stage, you can often find him diving in Thailand.

Patrick Codenys
Founding member of Belgian electronic pioneers FRONT 242. Patrick is a principal creative force within FRONT 242 and the Belgian sound that combined new technology, dance beats and the post-punk ethos which was instrumental in creating the EBM genre.

Paul Barker
Member of Wax Trax! bands, The Blackouts, Revolting Cocks, Pailhead, Lead Into Gold, PTP, and Acid Horse. In addition to being half of the unstoppable production team LUXA/PAN, Paul was a key member of Ministry from 1986-2003 during the band’s critical and commercial high-water mark.

Chris Connelly
Member of Wax Trax! bands Fini Tribe, Revolting Cocks, PTP, and Acid Horse. In addition to contributing to a variety of group projects, Chris’ solo contribution to Wax Trax! cannot be overstated. His 1994 album Shipwreck is still considered by many as one of the label’s crown jewels.

Groovie Mann
Before he was Groovie he was Franke Nardiello. One of the closest confidants to Wax Trax! founders, Jim & Dannie. Franke was both a long time store employee and key artist on the label. When Franke wasn’t ringing up Sleep Chamber records or finishing Joy Division window displays for the store, he was performing in a little local group called My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult…Dope Forever…Forever Loaded!

Buzz McCoy
The Yin to Groovie’s Yang. Buzz, known in some circles as Marston Daley, was the one artist who could blend that perfect combination of disco balls and satan. Hailing originally from Boston, Buzz joined the Wax Trax! family as an early member of Ministry during the Twitch tour.

Steve Knutson
Steve goes way back to the Denver days and was officially one of the first Wax Trax! employees at the age of 19. Steve experienced the early explosive inner workings of Jim & Dannie that were often fueled by quaaludes, gay bars and lots and lots of speed.
Steve later moved on to Tommy Boy Records and is currently Principal of Audika Records and the Arthur Russell Estate.

Larry Crandus
Early Chicago employee of both the store and the label. Larry had an intimate role in the incredible growth from 1983-1990. Larry credits Jim & Dannie for helping raise him in ways his own family couldn’t. Larry later went on to work for Mute and is currently a producer at Playboy Television.

Andy Wombwell
Andy worked at the label from 1987-1992, starting as an intern after writing a school paper on the company.  He eventually oversaw radio promotion and opened the ill-fated Los Angeles office.  He later worked for Nettwerk and Rhino Records and is currently a co-founder of tech startup Wildkat and trying to launch a potato chip company.

Julia Nash
Director of The Wax Trax! Documentary-Industrial Accident and daughter of co-founder Jim Nash. Julia originally managed the Wax Trax! Lincoln and Damen Ave. store and is current principal of Wax Trax! Records.

VIP and SUPER VIP have access to a special artists meeting and signing. These artists include:

Jello Biafra
Richard 23
Patrick Codenys
Paul Barker
Chris Connelly
Groovie Mann
Buzz McCoy
David J

Ticket includes one panel discussion + Limited INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT poster + Free ticket to the one day test screening of the upcoming Wax Trax! documentary (showing directly before each panel discussion)
Doors one hour before screening time
Test-screening time 2:30p or 8:30p
Special 3/31 Friday night DJ events and/or artist meet and greet included to VIP and SUPER VIP Ticket holders
Age 18+ (must be 21+ with ID to access the bar area)
The Vic Theatre 3145 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60657
Ticket information at

Friday 3/31 Additional WAX TRAX! DJ Love

In addition to the 4/1/17 Saturday event, please join us as we celebrate the store and label with the following public DJ sets around Chicago:

FRONT 242/ Richard 23 + Patrick Codenys
Berlin Nightclub
954 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657
$10 cover at the door. 21+ W/ ID (Space is limited, arrive early)

BAUHAUS and LOVE + ROCKETS founding member David J
Late Bar
3534 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618
$10 cover at the door. 21+ W/ ID (Space is limited, arrive early)

Liar’s Club
1665 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
$5 cover at the door. 21+ W/ ID (Space is limited, arrive early)

That’s it for now. Hope you folks around Chicago and the Midwest can be with us next week for this one time special event!


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