Howdy Hey Wax Trax people!

Time to get down to official business.

Well, it looks like we’ve been able to whip up a few special things around this little film we’ve been working on and thought some of you might want to join us.

Let’s get to it…

Friday, March 31, 2017 WAX TRAX! Presents

DJ No. 1 APPEARING AT LIAR’S CLUB-CHICAGO Representing the Wax Trax! store, we have a mighty-special DJ night by legendary LARD front man…Yep, that’s right. JELLO BIAFRA’S INCREDIBLY STRANGE DANCE PARTY rolls into town. In addition, we’ll have our own DJ early in the night to lube up the dance floor before Jello takes control. So, if you’re looking for a little A Certain Ratio or The Birthday Party to give the original Lincoln Ave Wax Trax! store some proper love…This night is for you.

DJ No. 2 (or maybe 23) APPEARING AT BERLIN NIGHTCLUB-CHICAGO Representing the Wax Trax! label: Berlin Nightclub, Cosmix Fridays and Wax Trax! are thrilled to bring you a special 10th anniversary set of all Wax Trax! music, followed by a special DJ appearance by FRONT 242 members and all around nice guys, Richard 23 and Patrick Codenys. Take one?…Yes please.

Saturday, April 1, 2017 WAX TRAX! Presents


IA:WAX 01A (AFTERNOON)* Ticket includes: Live discussion #1. Moderated panel of artists and staff including audience Q&A with a limited Industrial Accident poster

*Paid admission to the above will guarantee a FREE ticket to the FIRST private test screening #1 of the Wax Trax! documentary immediately before the panel discussion.

IA:WAX 01B (EVENING)* Ticket includes: Live discussion #2. Moderated panel of artists and staff including audience Q&A limited Industrial Accident poster

*Paid admission to the above will guarantee a FREE ticket to the SECOND private test screening #2 immediately before the panel discussion.

ARTIST MEET & GREET-ADDITIONAL PACKAGE We have an intimate artist party planned with limited availability. This is carved out between the two above events in which fans will have the opportunity to hang out, grab a photo, get stuff signed…or just a chance to say “thanks” for the music. So if you’ve ever felt the burning desire to buy Mr. Connelly a beer, take a selfie with Groovie Mann and get your LARD records signed all in one fell swoop…Then this may be what you’ve been looking for.

Let’s answer some basics before I get flooded with private questions.

Q: Will each panel and Q&A be different?

A: YES. We are making each panel special and unique. Panelists will include artists and staff to help explain what went down with the label & the store and why.

Q: Do I need to purchase a ticket for the panel discussion in order to see the private test screening?

A: YES, The screening is private and meant for cast/crew as a final sweep of feedback and comments in order to make definitive changes before this goes to festivals. It is private and therefore not a commercial event. We can, however give you a FREE ticket before anyone else will publicly see this film.

Q: Can I go to both panels (and both test screenings?) and get 2 posters?

A: YES. However, that will require purchasing 2 separate tickets.

Q: What exactly is a “Test Screening”? Sounds weird- Is this even a full film?

A: Just like a Test Pressing, a Test Print, or Test Dept. (Okay, maybe not Test Dept.), a test screening is exactly that. It is a complete version of the film that is viewed as a test to get comments and feedback in order to make any final adjustments that might help make the official release stronger. Similar to, let’s say how the banned test pressing version of “Physical” was a rare glimpse into the manufacturing process, only to be changed later, This is meant to check the quality and performance on a live audience.

Q: Can I just cut through all the crap and get ONE pass that gets me into everything you guys are doing?

A: YES. A VIP pass for everything during the two days will be available. We will have more info on that soon.

Q: Can I go to either panel and still attend the Artist Party?

A: YES. You will have two options when it’s time to purchase the “Meet and Greet.

Q: If I can’t make this weekend, will I be able to see this film again?

A: MAYBE. We will not have these panels and parties again so you will miss out on it happening here in Chicago. The film can be seen during the festival circuit most likely starting later in 2017, but there is never a guarantee that this or any film will be picked up by a distributor. So as much as I would love to point you to a DVD or streaming…We’re currently a long way from that and have to focus on the road in front of us.

Q: When and where can I buy tickets for this amazing fabulous,celebration of Wax Trax! awesomeness?

A: Friday 3/10/17. Tickets will be available on through, and the


One weekend Friday 3/31-Saturday 4/1 in Chicago

Two separate WAX TRAX! live discussions with Q&A

One event poster

Two private test screenings of INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records. Free to panel ticket holders.

One artist meet and greet

Two DJ nights representing the record store and label

That’s it for now. Hope you can make it.


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