Hello Wax Trax! people!
It has been some time since our last update. Lots of wonderful news happening. 2016 is definitely shaping up to be an important year for Wax Trax! Records.
(Okay-In my totally official grown-up voice) Ahem…To all our non-US friends out there who have been looking at us stunned. We’re sorry. Yes, this US presidential election is as bananas over here as it looks from afar. Actually, it’s much more bizarre than anyone could even begin to explain. Grab a seat, I think this buffoonery is only going to get worse.

Well anyway enough of that, let’s get you all up to speed…


As many of you can imagine, the WAX TRAX! documentary has been all consuming (as it should be). We really appreciate all the private notes and emails regarding support and love for this project. We could not do this without you. Which brings me to a nice segue. As we reach the final stretch of producing this monster, we really wanted to bring the fans into this story a little more.
So here is what we have in mind…WE WANT YOU IN THIS FILM!

If the WAX TRAX! RECORDS store or label meant anything to you, past or present, we want you to put your camera where your mouth is (okay, you can pan out to your whole face if you want).
We will be including fan video in the movie so here is your chance to be up on the big screen with other WAX TRAX! alumni and part of our little story.

This is no joke, here is what we need:

A video clip between 5-30 seconds explaining what WAX TRAX! means to you.

Follow this link, read the instructions, and upload to our documentary folder.


Be creative, but most importantly, be passionate. We will be weaving the top fan submissions into the movie!

:: M O N U M E N T A R Y ::

Since we’re on the subject…
The #1 question we’ve been getting is “Hey-Is this movie ever coming out?!”
As we had mentioned earlier to a number of supporters, last year some elements of the movie’s production had become a little more complicated than we originally had expected. Due to the timing of these complications our release schedule was affected, extending our timeline longer than originally planned. Ugh-Apparently making a movie of this scope isn’t an exact science…Who would have thought?


We are on track for festival submissions this year. As many of you have been wondering (Yep-I personally read each and every one of your emails and posts about status questions), we have successfully been shifting things around and feel that we are in a much more productive place moving forward. We can’t reveal an exact release date yet, but will be posting news of the progress and updates in the upcoming months here on our site, so stay tuned!


Thanks for your patience and understanding. I have to say that as excited as some of you might be to have us speed through the post-production phase, I think you will all be delighted with the finished result and happy that we took the extra time.



The #2 question we’ve been getting lately is “Hey-where is the movie soundtrack? I pre-ordered-This is bullshit!!” (Okay-That’s actually a question AND a statement)
We totally understand the anticipation for this soundtrack and the special packaging that will be included with the earlier pre-orders. Again, we ask for your patience on this one. We want everything to release together, so as soon as the final film is ready, as stated above, your soundtrack will be ready too. We can’t give anything else away at this time but as I said earlier, I think you will be super-happy with the final product. We’re not going to leave you hangin’, you gotta trust us on this one.



CHRIS CONNELLY/ SOTSA   Photo: Bobby Talamine

I wanted to mention something recent and noteworthy in the Wax Trax! universe. Our dear friend Chris Connelly just put on another unbelievable Bowie show here in Chicago with his band who fell to earth, SONS OF THE SILENT AGE. I hesitate using the word “tribute band” in the traditional sense because what these guys do on stage is so much more than just playing Bowie songs. It is just a very special experience, and one that should not be missed if possible.


SINEAD O’CONNOR/ SOTSA      Photo: Bobby Talamine

The performance was their first show since the Thin White Duke left this world.  It was quite magnanimous of the band to pass a portion of the proceeds from the event to the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Chicago. Chris and the band could not have sounded any better, and the addition of folding Ava Cherry and Sinead O’Connor into the set continued the tradition of elevating the SOTSA shows to a higher level.

Over the past couple of months I know we all have shared our Bowie stories, and although a little late, I feel the need to share mine here relating to my dad & Dannie.
Way before the store or label ever existed, Bowie was omnipresent in my house growing up. From my earliest memories right through to when my dad passed away, David Bowie was a cornerstone and foundation of what made my dad, Dannie as well as WAX TRAX! RECORDS who and what they were. I think for a gay man married with children in the late 60s/early 70’s, Bowie became a life preserver for many during a brackish time. “Homosexual” was still considered an official mental illness and for the most part, it was pretty much social and professional suicide to come out. What WAX TRAX! may have done by overlapping genres for a lot fans trying to figure out their own identity in the 80s & 90s, Bowie had done for my dad decades earlier. David Bowie was a conduit between fringe/mainstream, gay/straight, art/commerce that was not lost on my family. It is impossible for me to think about David Bowie and not think about my mom, dad, & Dannie. The past couple months have been bitter-sweet churning a lot of old memories. Wherever they all are now, I am certain that they are holding court together the way only old queens know how to do.

Guess what?…UNDERWORLD That’s what!
In addition to dates in Europe and Japan we are lucky to get
a few US dates in Southern CA, Coachella, and NYC. (LC and/or Patty, Hope you’ve got a couch I can crash on when I come to town!!)

UNDERWORLD 2016 tickets & dates here

I mentioned their new album last post and the new LP is pretty bitchin’. If you haven’t already heard a sample, here’s a little shit kicker to get the party started!

Any European BillLeebers out there?…Prove it! Don’t miss FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY live in Europe NOW!!
If you looking for a little FLA Euro Mindphasing…2016 European tour schedule here



Closing out with a shameful plug…Don’t forget to check out the Wax Trax! Records shop. We add/restock new and vintage goodies all the time so check back often!


That’s it for now. Excited to be heading out to Los Angeles next week to touch base with Groovie, Buzz & friends…and listen to a whole lot of WT! stories.

As always, check out our waxtraxchicago facebook group, twitter feed for #waxtraxfridays and instagram page for more WAX TRAX! info.