Hello Wax Trax! Friends,

-Hope you all are doing well as we begin to quickly slide into fall.

I thought I would drop you a note, but before I let you in on what has been going on around here, I have to talk about this very significant day and about a person who is very special to me.

Today is October 10, 2015. For most of you the date might not mean much, but for me it marks the 20th anniversary of my dad’s death.
Oct. 1995 was an awful, confusing and just plain painful time both for Wax Trax! and our family… Hard to believe he was only 47.

From the beginning, he and Dannie created a vivid world that gave a home to many of us who preferred to paint outside the lines. What they accomplished with Wax Trax! in such a short amount of time is just mind blowing.

I think about him every single day and I think about how he would be so proud of his granddaughters. I only wish that they could have had the opportunity to suffer through his sarcasm and laser precision wit.

I miss his fried okra, BBQ’s on the rooftop, and endless games of cribbage, his speeding down Lakeshore Drive, deep knowledge of architecture and genuine obsession of music. He loved his family and this includes his Wax Trax! family.  I think he would have been so incredibly proud that what he helped create still connects with many of you all these years later. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support for the store, the label, and the music.

XO- Julia


For those of you who attended the Lead Into Gold live show last month at the Cold Waves event, we want to thank you for stopping in and saying hi at our WAX TRAX! RECORDS mini pop-up shop. It was wonderful to finally put faces to the many emails we’ve received over the years. I’ve said it before, but we wouldn’t be here without you and absolutely loved meeting you all in person. It was also a great unexpected surprise that Paul Barker was able to hang out in the shop as much as he did. It turned into a bit of a WT alumni reunion with label artists, store staff and friends. This reunion included long time visual master, Paul Elledge. For the uninitiated out there, Paul was responsible for many of the amazing images and visuals during the early 90s through MINISTRY’S most creative time.

Elledge has also graciously agreed to be part of this new single and we are thrilled that the upcoming promo shots of Lead Into Gold will be Paul x Paul collaborating once again!
I hope everyone had as much fun as we did throughout the weekend. How is Cold Waves gonna top this one…Jason?

Continuing with the L into G news, thank you all to those who have picked up the new WAX TRAX! release of Low & Slow. We are really proud of this new release from Mr. Barker and the packaging/ pressing really is a perfect nod to the earlier days of the label. You can still get the limited gold pressing as well as the new Lead Into Gold shirt from the WAX TRAX! online store. For all you Digiphiles out there, downloads and streaming are now available through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and all the usual outlets.



Also-In regards to the WAX TRAX! RECORDS online store, we are super happy to be working with Raymond Watts once again and will be serving up some <PIG> merch in the next few weeks to all you pig fans. Now…If we can just get him to tour the US.


Thanks to all of you who came out to see FRONT 242 last month. The turn out was just amazing! The band had such a great time and our daughter, running the tour merch,  came back with great stories of finally meeting so many wonderful fans for the first time (yeah-Steve Arra, we’re looking at you)



Thank you all for your patience as we work through our production and get everything ready. Now that the pop-up…new single…and 242 tour is done, our Kickstarter updates should be a little more frequent. Last month really kicked our ass and we apologize if we haven’t been as visible as usual. Trust me. after the documentary post production details, Kickstarter fulfillment is THE #1 priority for us.
I’ll end that note with a pic from our Kickstarter reward lunch with Mr. 23 last month. This was such a special gathering and we hope super fans, Gus & Al had as much fun as we did!!


That’s it for now. as always, join the conversation at the official waxtraxchicago Facebook group and at our twitter & instagram page.

I miss you dad…


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