Hello Wax Trax! People, It’s been a few weeks-Hope you all have been enjoying your summer so far!


So, remember a few months back when I mentioned how we might need your help regarding our WAX TRAX! documentary? Monu_J-D_01 Well, it looks like we do, and as our friends GREATER THAN ONE once eloquently said… “Now Is The Time”.

Yep-We just launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for some pretty important pieces of our film.We have been lucky enough throughout the filming to fund this project entirely ourselves. This has been deliberate and ensures that the WAX TRAX! story will be done our way without compromises.

We’ve been a little gun-shy about bringing in any outside investors for this project. If any of you were present during the label’s TVT years, well then I think you know what I’m talking about.

WT_Monu-header_600px Which brings us back around to the current funding plan on our Kickstarter page. We have some pretty amazing rewards that will only be available for the next 30 days.

Things like collectables from the WAX TRAX! vault as well as new reprints of original artwork…Or even a super private lunch with the one and only Mr. 23. One of the rewards we are most excited about is the WAX TRAX! MONUMENTARY movie soundtrack on limited colored vinyl. This edition comes with deluxe/alternative packaging and special inserts that will never be commercially available after these 30 days are up. Look,

I get it- Lately we are all having a little crowd-funding fatigue. As I mention in our kickstarter video, you can look at this as a 30 day, one time WAX TRAX! RECORDS pop-up store with some hard to find items for the loyal fans & collectors that won’t be around again… At the end, you get to see the WAX TRAX! story come to life.

This next month will be a bit of a “horse race” as they say. In following Kickstarter rules…If we don’t reach our total goal…We get nothing…zilch…nada. If that ends up being the case, we will try something else which will unfortunately push back the film’s release.

Over the current 30 days, I promise not to be too obnoxious when it comes time for funding updates or pitching to you all, but anything you can do to help us spread the word would be totally primo.


ULTRA KMFDM_Salvation-poster_01 KMFDM kicks off their summer “SALVATION TOUR 2015” next month and will be moving across the US starting July 18th. Check out the current tour art by the one and only Aidan Hughes at Brute Propaganda. This will officially mark the band’s 30 years of bringing the world their own brand of ultra heavy beats.

We are looking forward to the Chicago stop of the tour on Aug 14th at House Of Blues…See you soon Sascha!

A CONTINENTAL TOUR TKK-Elektrik-Tour That’s right people, here is an early warning to bust out those glitter hot pants and marabou pentagrams! The devil bunnies themselves will be out on the road again this fall.

Catch MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT on their Elektrik Messiah US tour Sept.-Oct. We will be front and center this October 1st when they come back to Chicago, also scheduled at Bottom Lounge.

That’s it for now. We will be checking in a few times throughout the month to update you all about the Kickstarter page and any other big news.

Don’t forget to join our fan driven Facebook group, #waxtraxfridays on our Twitter feed, and our new Instagram page for some nice visuals from WAX TRAX! headquarters. Thanks again, xo-J

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