Howdy Wax Trax! people
-Just wanted to check in and quickly fill you in a some mighty nice things going on around here.

Wax Trax! Films Presents…


The Wax Trax! film “MONUMENTARY” is still humming right along on schedule.
In addition being neck deep in editing, we were lucky enough to sit down with Ivan from LAIBACH when they stopped through town.
So much history and insight from probably the most complicated and misunderstood band ever on the Wax Trax! roster.

Say WAT?

Speaking of Laibach. The Laibach-US Spectre tour is in full goose step and blew through Chicago this week…It was incredible!
This is the first time the band has been back in the states since 2008 and we were very excited to have them perform in town.
Thanks to all who stopped by the WAX TRAX! pop up shop at the show Wednesday evening. We were so happy to be there and support this ground breaking band.

Going Once, Going Twice…

We have a couple of nice pieces up for grabs at auction this week.
There are only a couple of days left but If you are looking for the extremely limited Front 242 7″ deluxe box or an original Front 242/Geography test pressing, now is your chance.
Good Luck!

A Poke In The Compound Eye

Our good friend and Wax Trax! veteran Raymond Watts of PIG has been busy lately.
In addition to his new collaboration “Compound Eye Sessions” out now, much of his older catalog is now available digitally on itunes and beyond.
We are so happy to see Raymond is making music again. Let’s hope there is more to come!

A Giant On Stage

Okay, who could have seen the news coming that Paul Barker’s Lead Into Gold was playing live this fall in Chicago?
This will be historic and if you don’t already have your tickets to the Cold Wave’s event in September, better get on it-They won’t last long.
You know what would be really great?…If Mr. Barker was able to release some new Lead Into Gold. You know what would be even better?…If it somehow ended up on Wax Trax! Records ;)

Touranny For You

Who is going to see Front 242 this September. on their limited 2015 US tour.?
The band was super bummed that they only could do 3 shows last year, so they’re coming back!
Although the three 2014 dates were a great way to mark their 30th Anniversary with Wax Trax!, it was clear that too many US cities were left out.
The band will be playing the southern US region this fall. If the response is anything like last year’s shows… I think you might be kicking yourself if you don’t get tickets soon

Wax Trax! Social
We’re starting to post special visuals from the Wax Trax! vault as well as current projects on our new Instagram account. Follow us to see some label and store history as well as some gems from a very fertile era in music.
Don’t forget about our Wax Trax! Chicago Facebook group as well as our always fabulous Wax Trax! Twitter page showcasing #waxtraxfriday (Hey, what do you know-That’s going on today!)

Thanks everyone, we will have more upcoming news soon, so stay tuned!


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