Hey Wax Trax! people and a very big hello to 2015!

The New Year is officially in full swing and since it isn’t slowing down anytime soon, we wanted to take a moment to catch you all up on what’s been goin’ on.


Things have been right on schedule with our little film. As we mentioned previously, we’ve been winding down our final interviews for the documentary. Next on the list, a February trip to DC to talk to Pailhead’s one and only Ian MacKaye.  After that, it’s time to lockdown and edit for the next few months.  We are looking at having this monster done this year for all of you who have been waiting so patiently!

In addition to the film, we have some nice things planned to release this year on the label. Stay tuned-We think long time fans will be mighty happy with the upcoming WAX 9198.

In the meantime, this Saturday there will be a special deluxe auction for all you deluxe fans on our Ebay page.   One of you lucky bidders will get your hands on a FRONT 242 clear vinyl limited box with a complete set including EVERYTHING made for the last release for the band’s 30th anniversary in the US. As you may know, WAX TRAX! only made 200 of these last year. Quite a special piece for the fans.
I know those of you at home are just dying to know what “EVERYTHING” means and we’ve heard your cries, so here’s a sneak peak of what one of you might just call your own:

1 “Take One” on red vinyl
1 “Take One” on clear vinyl with alternative cover
The complete set of 6 screen prints of WAX TRAX! era art
4 versions of the ticket from the first Front 242 US show (2 NEVER BEFORE AVAILABLE)
1 Metal 242 pin
1 242 Patch
A 16 pg. book with liner notes from the band
And Stickers!!!


If you miss your chance it’s not over ‘till it’s over… We will also be auctioning separately ONE rare uncut version of the limited prints and ticket, This is the screen print straight from the printer before it was cut down and inserted…Never previously offered anywhere!

For all you Texas folks, WAX TRAX! will be saddlin’ up and headin’ down to you in a few months.  We will be setting up a WAX TRAX! store during the Cocksure show on APRIL 11TH at the legendary Numbers Night Club.  This “smaller-than-a-pop-up-but-bigger-than-a-booth” will be stocked with some of our new & vintage WAX TRAX! memorabilia. So, if you’re looking for that COIL CD, Cyberaktif Shirt and TKK poster all in one place straight from the source, this just might be your lucky night. We have always had a special place in our hearts for our Texas family and can’t wait to finally join you for a night out! ….”NOW LET’S YOU JUST DROP THOSE PANTS!”

Laibach is getting ready to march across the USA!  This will be their first time back in the states since 2008 and we are super excited to be joining them at their Chicago stop! For Chicagoans, the show will be at the Abbey Pub with Cocksure on May 20th. WAX TRAX! will be setting up our merch here as well, so stop by and say hello! Regardless if you are in NYC, Chicago, Seattle or wherever…We highly recommend seeing this incredible pioneering band live while you can.

AND for those of you who might be living in a cave, MINISTRY will be coming out of hiatus this year and hitting the open road ONE LAST TIME! Dates for this tour have been announced on their FB page and can be found HERE!

Also, we know it’s old news but we just have to take this time and weigh in on the early Ministry track that was dropped last month. Such a nice surprise and just one more example…It’s irrelevant whether it’s on LORAH, Psalm 69, or WS. The man has always known how to write a hook. We hope there is more to come.


As you know winter is still among us. For those of you who want to look good while hibernating, we have new goodies at the online store.  So keep that heat cranked and those slippers on and check out a few new goodies form FRONT 242 and Noise Unit, and FLA as well as our new WAX TRAX! beanies to look good while keeping those heads warm.

That’s it for now. As always, join us for your daily dose of WAX TRAX! goodness over to the official WAX TRAX! RECORDS Facebook group as well as our Twitter page for your weekly dose of #waxtraxfriday.


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