TAKE ONE (Of Our New WAX TRAX! 7-Inches)

Hello Wax Trax! people!

Wow…It seems like ages since we’ve checked in. (Can you believe it’s Mid-August already?)
I would be a crappy friend if I didn’t go back a couple months and mention the June WAX TRAX! weekend and how grateful we are to all of you who joined us in Chicago!

We thought the Cocksure show and Metro pop-up store was a perfect way to mark the new WAX TRAX! 12″ release and were hoping you all would be on board.
Once again, you blew away our wildest expectations. Thank you from the bottom of our WAX TRAX! heart.

Just to recap…
Saturday: The Cocksure release show was packed to capacity and Chris & Jason did not disappoint. In our humble opinion, these guys really are masters of meshing the original WT wit and sensibility with a fresh updated approach. This is one of the best projects (both on stage and off) to come along in years. The only complaint we heard about the show is that it wasn’t loud enough ; ) .Our good friend Bobby Talamine captured some great still shots of the show found here.

Sunday: Oh man!- The Pop-Up store response was truly phenomenal.  We want to thank everyone who showed up throughout the day but specifically the hundreds who got in line early (some of you who came directly from the Cocksure show and waited in line all night!) The line wrapped around the block before the doors opened. Seeing you all there to share the day with us was such a meaningful and unexpected surprise. The fact that it was Father’s Day got me more than a little emotional. My dad and Dannie would have absolutely loved this!
During the event, we were able to connect with old and new friends. We hope you all felt the original Lincoln Ave. vibe as much as we did (as well as much of the original store playlist thanks to Jeff, Glenn & Leroy!)
I also have to take this time to recognize a dear friend, Joe Shanahan, and the entire METRO staff. The event could not have been possible without the very hard work that they all put into this as well as allowing us to take over their club. METRO we salute you!
For all of you who could attend, we hope you enjoyed it. We really appreciate your support for what we are currently trying to do.

FRONT 242 30US

We have already told you about the very special limited US dates that FRONT 242 will be playing  NYC (9/24), TAMPA (9/25), and of course the massive COLD WAVES FEST here in CHICAGO (9/27)
If you haven’t made plans to attend, I strongly suggest you click on the venue links for your desired city and grab these tickets soon before they’re gone!



Some special news on the Front Front! We are doing something mighty-fine for all you FRONT fans who are heading to the shows on their mini tour.
As some of you may know, September 28, 1984 was a very special date in WAX TRAX! & FRONT 242 folklore. It was the very first show that the band played in the US (at the legendary Medusas) and began the important professional and personal bond between my dad & Dannie and the band.
To mark the 30th anniversary for this very symbolic date, we will be offering something special…





It is with great pleasure that WAX TRAX! will be issuing a nice piece of FRONT 242 and label history.
We have pressed a new 7″ with a couple rare live tracks from the commandos themselves. This will include a remastered Take One, live from the infamous first 1984 Medusas show. This track was first released on the bonus 7″ from the original “No Comment” pressing and has never been available from WAX TRAX! since.
As a wonderful addition, the B-Side will contain Im Rhythmus Bleiben recorded live from our very own 2011 WAX TRAX! RETROSPECTACLE (I bet you thought we forgot all about that weekend!)
This will be available exclusively on site during all 3 of the band’s US shows including the COLD WAVES weekend next month with a VERY limited pressing of 500/red vinyl. When they’re gone, they’re really gone.




We will be bringing WAX TRAX! out to the people again this September during the Cold Waves Fest.
Yup- Friday 9/26 & Saturday 9/27, we will be setting up shop in the Metro box office to once again bring you more WAX TRAX! goodies. More vintage vinyl, CDs, T-shirts, Posters…And YES-Of course, the new FRONT 242 7″.
Even though this will be a much more abbreviated take on our gigantic Pop-Up from June, we promise that maximum luv will go into stocking the right WAX TRAX! catalog items for you all.  Try to just stop in and say hello, we’d love to see ya!


So you think you have had enough FRONT 242? …I don’t think so!  This just announced, Richard & Patrick (Coder 23) will be finishing up the weekend with a very special DJ set Sunday night, Sept. 28th in SMART BAR. This will be a perfect way for the fans to connect with the band on a much more intimate level and wrap up the weekend before our favorite Belgians head back home. We hope to see you on the dance floor!





Lots of great stuff happening with the upcoming WAX TRAX! film. Most of the interviews are done with just a few loose ends to tie up. Last month the film crew was fortunate to sit down with Trent Reznor and the Prince of Belgium himself, Luuuuc Vaaan Ackkkkker.  Both were kind enough to share their label memories as well as WAX TRAX! as an underground influence and driving force throughout the 80’s & 90’s.  Lots of great insight.
We are still on track with our schedule and will keep you posted on upcoming events. Thanks again to everyone who has emailed their wonderful stories and overall fan support.


We would like to tell you all about a little enterprise from our dear friend En Esch. His new album is almost done and fan support is needed.
The long awaited solo record is in the making and with our help at plegemusic.com,  En Esch will be able to complete and manufacture the project himself.
From what we have heard, long time fans of one of the pioneers of Ultra Heavy Beat will not be disappointed!




Thanks to all of you who continue to pick up the new Cocksure 12″ from the WAX TRAX! Unfortunately the limited white vinyl is gone but the standard pressing continues to be a big hit. We expect much success from the band as they continue to dismantle and rebuild current underground scene. For those who prefer to pick up the digital version, you can find it on our Bandcamp page for streaming and purchase.

More new merch scheduled this year at the WAX TRAX! Online store. If all goes as planned, Next up: Noise Unit and some <PIG> for all you WT purists out there!


That’s all for now! As always, Join us on our WAX TRAX! RECORDS facebook group and twitter page for all things WAX TRAX!



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