Happy V-Day friends -Time for another update on some Wax Trax! news.

Starting things off, let’s bring everyone up to date on the Wax Trax! Documentary. We just finished up another round of fabulous interviews here in Chicago and will be heading out to LA in a few weeks. It will be nice to escape the Chicago weather, but what we are really looking forward to is spending time with Groovie, Buzz and some other very special people from the golden years of Wax Trax! We are still on track and getting close to finishing the interviews. We will keep you all posted as the biggest hurdle gets wrapped up.

Brother, Can you spare a dime?


Okay…Onto a smaller, but no less important hurdle. As many of you know, to tell the Wax Trax story without any compromise, this documentary has been funded without any outside help. We have been very fortunate so far, but also know the uphill climb regarding some of the logistical and licensing expenses that are just around the corner. This is where you all come in. Yes-you guessed it, we are about to launch a crowd funding campaign and would love for you all to be involved. No one here is expecting a free hand out and I think Wax Trax! fans will be as excited as I am with some of the perks & incentives we will be offering. Limited merch… Rare collectables… Maybe even some face time with an artist or two. We dug deep and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Ooh…I Love Those Flashbulbs:


The cameras were flipped a bit on us last month. As we announced on our facebook page, Roswell Films steered by Dave Grohl, has started a new cable series that will highlight key cities and their contribution to music. We are very proud and excited for Wax Trax! to be included in the Chicago episode. I looks like it will be slotted for HBO but will give you all the details of when/where to watch, once we get the final word.


How about an update on that little thing we hyped up waaaayyyyyy back in 2011 called the Retrospectacle film. We hear you loud and clear via emails, facebook, twitter, etc. Well, unfortunately it doesn’t look any different than it did from our last update. Without boring you all with gory details, the minutia within project has become much more complicated than we had ever imagined. When it was clear that our production schedule wasn’t progressing as we had hoped, we began to focus our energy into something that we have total control over. The documentary that we’re currently working on is what really laid the groundwork for everything. It is so close to our hearts. Once we finish and release the Wax Trax! story, we will turn our full attention back to sorting things out and finishing the Retrospectacle Film…I promise.

242 Auction:


I know some of you are watching our Ebay auctions and wondering what is coming next. We have a couple EARLY offerings from the dance commandos themselves, FRONT 242. Since this is the 30th anniversary of the WAX TRAX/FRONT 242 relationship, we are auctioning a rare No Comment test pressing and a rare promo poster for the 242 Wax Trax releases. Auctions will start this Sunday, 2/16. Certainly, a nice bit of history from the archives for you all.

Let’s talk merch!


We have some exciting new things in the works as well as some more vintage collectables. We have definite plans to keep expanding the catalog this year, so if you haven’t been to the online store for a while, I strongly suggest to keep checking back. You never know what new unexpected things may just pop up ;)
Also-For all you lovers out there: In celebration of Valentine’s Day, ANY order on Friday, Feb 14th, from the WAX TRAX! ONLINE STORE gets a free KLF CD single. You ask what time is love?….I say, how about right now!

That’s it for now. I will be updating you regarding the film and any new projects that might be coming into view.

As always, check into the official facebook page as well as join the conversation on our main twitter feed as well as #waxtraxfriday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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