Hello my friends-Happy October!

Just a quick Wax Trax update to keep you all posted on some upcoming news and happenings around here.

First off, I just wanted to recognize and thank all of you who participated in the first 2 auctions that we held last week. The response was wonderful and well beyond our expectations. The unreleased LEAD INTO GOLD test pressing and Original 1985 Front 242 screen print will be heading to a new home. Congratulations to the winner.

Our next planned auction is another incredibly rare gem that we found hiding in the archives. This one is a scarce test pressing for the planned, but never released. FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY Toxic EP/ WAX-9185. Auction will start on Nov. 1 and can be viewed here when posted…Good luck!

Proceeds from this and upcoming auctions will go to help fund the WAX TRAX documentary. We plan on making this a regular thing so keep checking back for some special pieces to become available.


Speaking of the documentary, our film crew is in NYC this weekend interviewing some more key people/artists for the “Jim & Dannie story”.  We’ve been very lucky so far, and everyone has been very generous with their time and great stories. We’ve got one shot at this and it feels like we are doing it right.


Onto some artist news.  We are so happy for Chicago to be included in the upcoming Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti limited US appearances. The seminal duo will play only 2 shows in the US. One in NYC at MOMA  Jan 5th, 2014, and the second at our very own METRO on Jan. 9th, 2014. This will be the band’s first US dates in over a decade performing their Chris & Cosey material. You can read show details and more about these pioneers on the official Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti site.

Remember a few posts ago when I mentioned Chris & Paul’s newest labor of love, Bells Into Machines? Well it just keeps getting better. Here is the latest demo from Scorpio, Frenchie L’Amour & friends. As I’m sure my dad would say with a grin (in my best nasal voice)… “This babys got legs!”

Here is something for the Groovie Mann and and Uncle Al collectors out there. Before making the Xians Nervous… And well before Jesus was building hot-rods there was Special Affect. Original material by  Chicago darlings, Special Affect is finally available for download through the official My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult site.

For those not familiar with this project…it’s about as far back as you can go when digging into the lush careers of Ministry and TKK. These are early recordings of the group consisting of Franke Nardiello, Al Jourgensen, Marty Sorenson, Harry Rushakoff circa 1980.
Why has it been unavailable for so long?…Too much soft living I suppose.


I hope some of you will join us at the Chicago KMFDM show this month. As I mentioned in my last post, KMFDM is back in the USSA and will be playing at the Bottom Lounge while here in town. We are excited to hear the band dig deep into the past 30 years of ripping the system. You can find out when the Kapt’n comes to you on the band’s official facebook page…And what is this??? The Chicago show happens to be on Oct. 25… my dad’s birthday. Sascha, did you plan this ; )

Oh man-More Jim Nash/Wax Trax! birthday fun?…Yep-Fabulous WAX TRAX! night at Berlin Nightclub. No one has championed to keep WT alive here in town more then Chicago DJs Jena Max & Greg Haus. Their special nights of all things Wax Trax! have been legendary. This month they are adding Nettwerk and Mute artists onto the turntable mix so If you’re looking to burn up the dance floor with some new (or old) moves, this is the place to be…. This event ALSO falls on Friday Oct 25th so after KMFDM head on over to Berlin and keep the party going.  Free if you RSVP here.
It also just happens to be Halloween weekend, but of course around here, Everyday Is…umm, well you get the idea…Bop Bop.

Finally, we thought it would be fitting to mark my dad’s birthday as we did last year.
So…from 10/18-10/25 we are offering 20% off of everything in the WAX TRAX! store. We’ve been adding more vintage and reissued pieces but expect some of the memorabilia to sell out like it did last year…As I’ve said before, when they’re gone, they’re really gone.
Just enter the following code at checkout and enjoy:

Thanks for all the great fan emails and comments in our Facebook group. Don’t forget to post your Wax Trax! favorites every #waxtraxfriday on our twitter page.


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