Hello everyone,
Hope you’re all having a great Summer so far!

I just wanted to check in and pass along what’s been happening these days.

Well, the Documentary is still humming along quite nicely. We hope to have all the interviews done this year and start the fun part of editing. There isn’t a firm release date yet, but like I said before, this is very different than the Retrospectacle project in that we have our hands in every part of it (ha-I’m sure the directing team wishes we didn’t!)..We will not let you down.
Thanks to all of you who have emailed with great stories and support.


Okay, onto some exciting music news. We want to tell you all about the outstanding new collaboration…

Chris and Paul have been writing together again and if that wasn’t enough, they’ve joined forces with heavyweights, Lee Popa, Toby Wright, Brian Diemar, Janne Jarvis, Chris Rose, Hoss Wright, as well as some very special guests. I strongly suggest you check out their demo songs so far on Soundcloud.

Trust us, if you’re a fan of the early work…you will not be disappointed!


Rumor has it that there is a limited US tour for Clock DVA this September in the works. Dates are still being hammered out but it looks like so far, only 4 lucky US cities (sadly not Chicago) will have the privilege to see this pioneering artist in a rare performance…They were always one of my dad’s favorites, and we may just have to jump on a plane to see ’em.
hmm….maybe we could reissue some of the original CDVA merch from the catalog….you just never know ;-)

New merch news…To all of you who beat down our cyber door to get your hands on the Front Line Assembly Caustic Grip shirt…Thank you!


Your response has been unbelievable, and you might be happy about this next FLA batch. The VIRUS reissue and a new one for Wax Trax! …Tactical Neural Implant will be next on the roster! They should be available in our online store late July or August.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to join the Wax Trax! Facebook page for constant artist and fan input and of course our Twitter feed featuring our fan driven #waxtraxfriday every week.