CIMM Sunday 4/21/13

Hello People!

Just wanted to send out a quick email update about this weekend’s event.
We’re very excited for our Wax Trax/ CIMM event this Sunday in Chicago and can’t wait to see you all!
It will be a super casual conversation with old friends from the label and store.
Stories about my dad & Dannie, how the records were made, and what made the store tick.

Everyone with “free” tickets are guaranteed a space, all others are encouraged to come and you won’t be turned away. It is going to be a packed room in a very intimate (another word for small) space so be prepared to get cozy with other WT! fans.
So incase that wasn’t incentive enough to get there early, we are going to make this even more kick-ass.
To coin a phrase from Naked Raygun…FREE SHIT!
We will be handing out FREE raffle tickets to the first 50 people. Somewhere throughout the program we will be giving away not 1 but 3 Wax Trax! Records collector bags.


Here are the goodies that we have picked out:

Pailhead/ No Bunny 7″
WT! T-Shirt
KMFDM-Split 12″
Revolting Cocks/ Physical 12″
KLF-What Time Is Love CD Single

Coil/ L.S.D. CD
Front 242/ Catalog poster
WT! T-Shirt
Chris Connelly/ Phenobarb Bambalam Promo CD
Greater Than One-Index 12″

TKK/ Sexplosion single 12″
Richard Kirk-Peter Hope Hoodoo Talk CD.
Ministry 12″ singles CD
Front 242 Interception CD single
Front 242-Medusas Shirt

No fear for any of you others wanting to take something home from the event. We will also have Wax Trax! wire logo shirts available for sale a few doors down at CIMM HQ (2634 N. Milwaukee Ave.)
If you’ve been waiting to get one…now is your chance (and no shipping fee!)

We didn’t think it would be right to leave the out of town folks out of the party, so…

During CIMMfest, from Friday through Sunday, we are going to put most of the KMFDM items from our Wax Trax! ONLINE STORE on sale at 20% off!
This way, while you are Killing Mother Fucking Depeche Mode, you can save a little $$$ in the process.
“White man, Black Man!”…well you know the rest.

In other news…


We wanted to remind you all about the WAX TRAX! NIGHT at Chicago’s legendary Smart Bar in less then a month on Friday, May 10th.
The all Wax Trax! set by DJs Jena Max & Greg Haus will prime the night for FRONT 242’s seminal Belgians, Richard 23 & Patrick Codenys and their special DJ set and only US appearance.
We’re not sure what DJ moves they have planned for us but we have a hunch it will include some Electronics, some Bodies and probably some Music.
Advance tickets are on sale, or get ’em at the door!
I know you have all seen the totally awesome event poster designed by supercorn, but we wanted to show you an extra limited run we did on translucent film. Only 30 in existence…Collectors…start your engines!
Jeeze…With all this WT! activity, people are going to think that Wax Trax! is up and running again ; )


In Front Line Assembly news, we’re happy to report that FLA has just wrapped up their new album, Echogenetic. Bill Leeb & Co. have, without fail, pushed forward as many of their peers have faded over the years. We are always excited to see what they will come up with next. I think I can speak for most fans when I say let’s hope that a tour is not far behind!

The Cold Waves event is back for another year. The memorial concert from 2012 dedicated to musician, Jamie Duffy’s passing, is scheduled this month at Chicago’s METRO with quite an impressive line-up.
Besides Chris & Paul busting out the Revolting Cocks set, there is a long list of genre heavy-weights to impress even the most jaded fan. This is a wonderful charity event to help HOPE FOR THE DAY.  We wish them much success in raising funds for this much overlooked cause.
You can read more and buy advanced tickets here.

The film documentary on the history of my dad & Dannie’s story is coming along famously but we still have a ton to do. For those of you who attend the CIMMfest discussion this Sunday, we will be showing a short trailer to wet your appetite.

That’s it for now. I’ll check in when I have more news for you all.


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