Happy ‘El Presidente’ Day

Hello All-It’s me again.

For decades, there has been an unsung hero in the Wax Trax! family. Originally on the corner of Lill & Lincoln, a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant near the store called “El Presidente” (or El Prez for short). This is where deals were made, drinks were spilled, 5 am chilaquiless devoured after last call at Club 950. It was just as important to Wax Trax! as any recording studio or venue. Over time, my dad’s nickname became “El Presidente” and he even had the words engraved on his bowling ball (My Dad was a WICKED bowler!). It was also the last restaurant that we ate at together. Just a little history for you all on this “El Presidente” day…maybe I’ll see you there sometime.

Well some things have happened since my last message to you.

Not to dwell on older (tragic) news…As all of you know by now, there was another profound loss to the music world. At the end of December, Mike Scaccia passed away on stage of a heart attack. I don’t think I need to tell anyone what Mike brought to Ministry (& of course Rigor Mortis) over the years.
In our opinion, his contributions were pivotal to Ministry’s success in the 90’s by steering it into a much heavier direction.
We wanted to highlight the continued effort by Scaccia’s close friend and Rigor Mortis bandmate, Bruce Corbitt to raise funds for Mike’s wife and children.
You can read more about Mike here, as well as contribute directly to his surviving family here (If you were ever influenced by Ministry’s Psalm 69-Here is a meaningful way to say thanks!)
Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Other artist related news:
-If you missed Chris Connelly’s transformation into the Thin White Duke last month, you missed a truly incredible show!
Chris was at his best, and his collaboration with Shirley Manson, Matt Walker was punctuated by an unbelievable backing band. We could not have imagined a better performance.
It raised a nice bit of funds for the charity, Pablove Foundation/Rock For Kids. The band just added an encore show for March 7th at the Mayne stage. You can get all the info here.


-Kapt’n K is kicking off the KMFDM US tour next month in support of their new album “KUNST”. They will begin in Portland, OR. and are scheduled to be through Chicago 3/23 at the House Of Blues to RIP THE SYSTEM!!! ;)
-Also worth noting, a new solo album from Underworld’s Karl Hyde will be available soon. The album containing 9 new tracks will be released in April with a handful of live UK shows preceding street date.
-COIL is in the process of figuring out what will happen next with the band and archived material. You can follow current updates from the remaining members, as well as all Threshhold House projects here

Moving onto that perpetual big question about that little DVD. Well, we’ve been working on it for, I don’t know…2 years or so! (I LOVE the facebook comment… Retrospectacle 35 1/6!). Like I said before, we’re still taking our production schedule queues from the director and her crew. We have full faith in their vision. When they tell us it’s ready, we’ll keep you posted….Let’s just hope that it doesn’t turn from “Retrospectacle 33 1/3”  to “Retrospectacle 45”.
There IS one very positive thing that has come out of waiting.  We have taken this “down time” to work on a detailed look at the origins of the store & label, as well as my Dad, Dannie and their road from young music obsessed gay hillbillies, to the taste makers who gave a voice to many of us that just didn’t quite fit in.
It will also cover the bankruptcy as well as what led to the demise. This will be family, employee, and artist interviews, as well as home video footage and never before seen images from the Wax Trax! vault.
This is very different from the concert event project. With this, we are much more active and hands on. We are very excited to tell the personal story of my Dad & Dannie as well as the rise and fall of Wax Trax! Records. So far,the interviews have been fantastic!

We are thrilled to be working with an extremely talented team. We tapped them for their thorough and engaging 2009 Chicago Punk documentary,” You Weren’t There“.
(If you care at all about Chicago underground music and art during the late 70’s, I cannot recommend this film enough)
This is where you all come in. If you happen to have any of your own footage or images from your days at the Wax Trax! store…or early band footage… or from Medusas…Metro/Smart Bar, etc., They want to hear from you.
We will have detailed info in the coming months of who to contact if you have anything that would fit into the WT!  story.


Finally, we’d like to thank all of you who have purchased items through our Wax Trax! online store. Some of the collectables have sold out, but don’t worry, we’re still adding new treasures from our archives. We wanted to pass along some merch news that we’re very excited about. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been working hard with a few of the past Wax Trax artists to bring you official new and reissued designs.Our newest artist to get reacquainted with is one of my dad’s all time favorites… Laibach.
Our printer, Replica Chicago, has done an amazing job with the production on our stock, some of which have not been available for decades.
In addition, we are also rolling out wholesale pricing on the new stock for all you mom and pop stores and clubs out there. You can request info on ordering details here.

That’s it for now. If you follow us on Twitter, don’t forget to participate on #waxtraxfridays and be sure to stop by our Facebook group for all things Wax Trax!.


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