Happy Birthday Dad!

Okay-Let’s get this out of the way first…Because the production team is currently working closest with the RETROSPECTACLE documentary, we thought it would be important to include a statement from the film’s super-fab director:

Hello WaxTrax fans! We at Team Wax Trax are still hard at work making the absolute best film possible. We’re glad you’re excited to see the finished Wax Trax Records Retrospectacle film – we are too! Film making can be a long, unpredictable process, especially given the amount of footage we have to work with. We refuse to compromise quality and I assure you the film will be worth the wait. When we have a firm release date we will let you know!


We echo the director’s thoughts. At the end of the day, we want to bring you the best product possible.

In the meantime, we have gone ahead and posted some TKK footage on our VIDEO PAGE. This might be a bit misleading since this is an extra song and won’t appear in the final edit, but…Nervous Xians has always been a personal favorite and we wanted to share it with you all (maybe some of you will be able to pick yourself out of the crowd!)

Speaking of TKK…We are excited that Groovie Mann, Mr. McCoy & Co. will be back in Chicago this weekend. Their latest “Back From Beyond” tour picks up this week in the Midwest and we look forward to seeing them at Bottom Lounge this Saturday 10/13. We hope some of you can join us! You can find the show details here.

I know this is older news but since the last time I wrote, I’m sorry to say we’ve lost another friend. As many of you already know, Jamie Duffy, Long time Chicago musician and fellow artist onstage with Connelly, Barker, Van Acker, Buford and Brill last year, passed away earlier this year. Jamie was crucial in recreating from scratch most of the samples and music that were used for the Revolting Cocks songs during the Retrospectacle. It would have been a completely different show (or no show at all) had he not been involved both on stage and behind the scenes.
Last month, a sold out benefit concert was organized. The 13 band lineup was an amazing bill…created in response to a not so amazing circumstance.
We know the Retrospectacle lineup, sans Van Acker, were honored to close out the night playing most of the Revco songs they had performed with Jamie last year.
The outpouring of support encouragement was wonderful but not surprising considering Jamie’s contribution around Chicago.
You can find more about Jamie and the past event at coldwaves.net as well as read a touching piece by fellow artist and friend, Jim Marcus about Jamie at RE GEN.

We know it’s a little ways away, but if you’re a Chris Connelly fan (And come on-Who isn’t!) it’s never too early to start making plans. On January 12th, 2013, Chris will be channeling the Thin White Duke himself for an all Bowie show at Metro to benefit the Pablove Foundation, . This is the show Chris was meant to do (and we’re a little shocked that he hasn’t done this before!) You can read more about the details at chrisconnelly.com. There is NO way we are going to miss this one…and neither should you!

Some of you may have noticed us expanding OUR STORE with new items. Yes-we are still adding original collectables but what we are really excited about is working closely with some of our past artists to bring you official reissued and new merch designs! Our first run will be with Front 242. We are currently offering the “Official Warfare” shirt again but look for more designs like these coming in the next few weeks.
Speaking of next few weeks….We have a gift for all you mega collectors.
For my Dad’s B-day on Oct. 25th we thought it would be nice to mark the occasion Jim Nash style. For one week, from 10/18-10/25, everything in our store will be 20% off!
Just punch in the following code at checkout:

Thanks everyone, that’s it for now.

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Let’s hope it doesn’t take as long before the next email blast.


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