Anybody wondering about the Retrospectacle film?

Hey All!
It’s me again, checking in with a little WAX TRAX! news.

Okay…Let’s get right to the point. Yes, we have received all your emails regarding questions about the Retrospectacle film project and DVD release. Instead of replying privately, we thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know what is going on.
In a few days, we will officially be at the one year mark since the event. We totally appreciate all the fan support and continued interest behind the film’s massive undertaking (a couple of you got a little grumpy with us…but hey-we understand, you just want to see the WT! artists that you love)

To be fair, I feel I must share a little of the context from which we are working, to better explain the current status.
I, with a core group of 4 other people, have spent the last couple years working to piece together what my father and Dannie labored so hard to build. As some of you may know, the label had been discarded and left for dead some years ago by TVT. It has been a bit of a challenge rebuilding their legacy and putting as many pieces back in place as possible.
Aside from the dense film logistics and inevitable production headaches, there has been extensive (and slow-going) legal work, as well as endless time spent archiving and preserving the physical historic memorabilia of Wax Trax!. In other words, there is a bigger picture that we are trying to recreate behind the scenes. The film is an important piece in that larger picture, but time & effort are divided with a couple other important Wax Trax! projects that will be unveiled at a later date.
I say this not as an excuse, but to better explain the process to fans who are waiting for the end result without knowing the full back-story.

So…let’s get to where we’re at now.
The concert footage is a little over 70% edited in rough cuts and we’re still picking through the interviews and deciding what makes the most sense to tell the best story of this event.
Since many hands are working on this, as basically volunteers, we can’t be too demanding on our production people. We don’t have a set date yet. I will say however, that it will be entered into film festivals first, and then the DVD will be released.
I expect that in the upcoming weeks we will slowly leak out a finished song or two, just to give you a preview and show you all where we’re going with this.

Okay, on to less complicated news…you spoke and we heard you.
After the flood of emails, a couple of new Wax Trax! logo shirts are now available through the Wax Trax! store.
We have also been working hard to update some of the other rare collectables. Little by little we are hoping to add promo items and fill in the catalog as much as possible…we hope you like ‘em.

That’s it for now. We will check back in a few weeks to let you know where we stand and hopefully have more good news about the film.


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