Hey…Just Checkin’ In

Hello people!
I hope you all had a great December and fun New Year.
It was pretty busy around here and even though we had a great Christmas, we’re really happy to start moving forward into 2012. Before we start spinning into the year, we wanted to check in with recent happenings since we last spoke.

On a somber note, we wanted to pass along some sad news and express our condolences to the family of Jeff “Critter” Newell. For those who are unfamiliar with his work, Critter was an early fixture in the Wax Trax! family. Besides credit on countless independent and major label projects,  Jeff worked behind the scenes to help craft Wax Trax! staples such as 1,000 Homo DJs, Lead Into Gold, Revolting Cocks, as well as helping shape the sound on Ministry’s Landmark albums, “The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste” and “Psalm 69”. His contribution to music was wide and deep.
Critter passed away on December 31 at his home in Southern California. He was 45.

I wanted to follow up on our post from last month. We have finally added a few more collectables to our store as well as a couple new Wax Trax! shirts. If all goes well, we should have a some more original pressings and goodies to offer sometime in February. We’ll keep you updated.

In artist related news, we have a couple of notes about Ministry.
For those who haven’t heard, Mr. Jourgensen is coming out of retirement this year. Ministry will be playing 4 US  cities this upcoming Fall with a few European date to follow. Tickets won’t go on sale for a while but now you’ve got time to make those travel plans.
You can find out more detailed info on the official Ministry Facebook page

Speaking of Ministry…Here are a few songs they probably won’t play on the new tour: New audio has just been uploaded onto You Tube of full tracks from the earliest known recorded Ministry show. The 4 tracks are from the March 1982 show at Misfits in Chicago. There are some different takes of old classics..as well as unreleased material. The quality is quite good for a small club recording and is highly suggested for any early era Ministry fan.

Cold Life
I’m Falling

If any of you find yourself in Chicago next week looking for a dance floor to occupy, Berlin Nightclub will be hosting their seasonal Wax Trax! Showcase on Jan. 20th. DJs Greg Haus & Jena Max will once again treat us to their vast WT! knowledge with an onslaught of music and video…. They do an amazing job at keeping the Wax Trax! catalog spinning here in Chicago. All Wax Trax! All night.

Last but not least…since this IS Friday. Feel free to head on over to our Twitter page and participate in Wax Trax! Friday. Post your favorite song & video from the label or even new music and artists you found through the store. It’s a place that once a week Wax Trax! fans run the show.

That’s it for now….No we haven’t forgotten about the film/DVD, just nothing to report yet.

Talk to you soon!


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