Retrospectacle-Film update

Hello All,
It’s been a while, and since we’ve been getting a ton of private emails regarding the status of our film project/DVD, we wanted to address all the messages at once and update everyone on how it’s going.

Well…Things actually came to a grinding halt over the past few weeks, due to a personnel change in the editing process. Over time it became clear to us that working with the original editor wasn’t going to be a good fit. Even though our goals may not have been in line with each others, we wish him much success with his future projects.
As disappointing as it is to be behind schedule, we are very excited to be working with a new editor, and moving this beast back on track.
There is a total of 54 hours of footage to edit down, so we still have a ton of work ahead of us.
Unfortunately, we don’t expect there to be a finished product before the end of the year, but we are working to at least post a trailer or some rough cuts as soon as possible.

As always, we will keep you updated on any changes. Thanks again to everyone for all their kind words and patients while waiting.




On another topic…
We’re excited to mention that longtime Wax Trax! artist, Chris Connelly has just recorded a new album and is planning a Nov.08 release.
Plain and simple…this is a great album with heavy post-punk influences.
We will let you check out a sample track for yourself…but if you like The Fall, Gang of Four or Killing Joke, you will not be disappointed.

sample track here

more details here

-Hope everyone has a great week, talk to you soon!


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