Friday Update

Hi All,
-Just wanted to check in on this glorious Friday and update you on some happenings.

We are very thrilled to have helped with this years International Queer Film Festival and their retrospective of the 30th ANNIVERSARY OF THE HIV/AIDS PANDEMIC held this Oct. 18th-23rd in Berlin.
We pulled from our Archives and added to the festival with Coil’s 1985 groundbreaking cover & video of Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love”.
Not sure if many recognize the irony, but when this video was originally released, Wax Trax! received hate mail from many in the LGTB community, deeming the video a highly offensive and tasteless portrayal of gay men and the controversial subject of HIV/AIDS. We feel honored to be a small part of this important retrospective helping convey Coil’s artistic benchmark for this pivotal point in culture.

Also…For all the collectors out there, we have added many more original pressings of Vinyl and CDs as well as some mighty nifty promo posters to our SHOP.
We still have only scratched the surface of our archives…we’ll let you know when more go up.

And finally…since this IS Friday, We wanted to remind you all about spreading the Twitter-Luv…We have our “Wax Trax! Friday” going on right now on our Twitter page. It’s a great way for fans to post their favorites and tweet links to some of the greatest music ever!

Take care


Posted August 19, 2011 by admin in News