33 1/3 year MERCH & VIDEO

Hi All,

I wanted to follow up and answer the flood of emails and questions regarding a couple of things from this truly historic weekend.

1.)  YES! …We will be selling official Retrospectacle shirts, posters and other goodies through our website as soon as we figure out the logistics and go through our stock from the shows.
So hold tight, We will make an email announcement when the online store is up and running.

2.)  Not sure if any of you noticed the pro camera gear that was everywhere over the weekend. We had a 30+ crew filming and documenting the 33 1/3 anniversary weekend.
We still have a huge amount of work moving forward to edit down and packaging up for DVD purchase…but I can tell you that the raw footage is BEAUTIFUL!  This is going to be an amazing look for fans that couldn’t make it, as well as the perfect souvenir to for fans who were there.
Again…We will keep you updated through email blasts about the progress and timeline for the screening and DVD release.

That’s it for now…talk to you soon


Posted April 20, 2011 by admin in News