Are you ready?

Can you believe it’s really here?

I hope you’ve bought new laces for your 20 hole Docs and have busted out the Manic Panic to get that hair color just right….We’re in countdown mode. Almost 24hrs away!

We wanted to check in and address some of the questions that people have been emailing us about the weekend:

1. YES!-Small cameras will now be allowed in the show for personal use.

2. Street parking is a bitch around the area. It can sometimes be found…but be prepared to walk. Anything not on a main street is most likely permit only. We have 2 hr. Pay Boxes for the main streets. and I think most require you to pay until 9pm.
I don’t want to scare any of you, but be warned, Chicago is VERY aggressive with their ticketing and towing.(and speaking from experience, you do not want to find yourself in a Chicago impound lot at 3am)

The Red Line is a great option. It will dump you just South-East of the Metro.

3. Yes there will be official show merch. as well as other goodies from us and the bands.
Also-I just found out that Metro does not take credit cards…so plan accordingly.

4. There are no “in and outs”…but I think that’s pretty standard everywhere.

5. If all goes as planned, first band will go on promptly at 8p

On a semi-related note. I believe some of the Retrospectacle performers will be interviewed on the NPR Sound Opinions radio show/podcast this weekend! Be sure to check it out.

Now… back to work.

See you tomorrow


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