FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHT…After show party at Metro!

FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHT…After show party at Metro!

Yep-Here’s the deal…

Friday Night:
After Front 242, Metro has graciously offered to let us all stay and continue the party (if you’ve been to Metro then you you how efficient they are at clearing the house after a show)
There will be plenty of music that we used to play in the store as well as a ton of label gems, DJ’d by some of Chicago’s best.
As if that wasn’t enough,  the Friday night bands have agreed to come out on the main floor to meet and greet whoever wants to stick around. The bar will stay open and of course you can always escape to Smart Bar downstairs if you’re feeling the need to spread out.

Saturday Night:
….Same after show meet & greet. Saturday performers will be around to meet you all, but this time, we have a special added treat.
Richard 23 and Patrick from Front 242 will be onstage for an extra DJ set after TKK!

Also-I’ve seen so many great comments and postings all over the message boards filled with so much love and respect for the music that my Dad & Dannie helped get out there.
I really want you all to know how touched I am that so many people appreciated what those two guys brought to Chicago and music culture in general. Thank you…I hope I get to meet as many of you as possible.

Less than one week away people. I hope you’re as excited as we are!!


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