Hi Wax Trax! Bracket Buddies

We had such a great time with this little game (maybe we should do this every year?).
The participation was outstanding and the personal entries were amazing!
This challenge wasn’t meant to be sadistic, although some of these choices were gut wrenching and brutal, even for me.
Before we get flooded with “ How did (insert artist name here) win over (insert other artist name here)”, let’s just talk about the rules for a second… There were no rules.
You could have built your brackets based on one song…Total record sales…Cultural influence…Who got you through some dark times…Or just who had the best outfits. It was all about what each band means to you personally. That doesn’t mean that these choices were easy because they definitely were not!

Let’s talk about how this was scored:
Everyone has a numeric score but if your winner matched my winner, you immediately went into a winner’s pool. Out of hundreds of entries, we had 13 people with the matching winning artist. We assigned points per brackets as follows…

Bracket Level #1 = 1 point per matching answer
Bracket Level #2 = 2 points per matching answer
Bracket Level #3 = 4 points per matching answer
Bracket Level#4 = 8 points per matching answer
Bracket Level #5 = 16 points per matching answer
Bracket Level #6 = 32 points per matching answer

Out of the 13 matching winners, we had 1 with the highest numeric score of 127

Let’s give a big round of pandemic applause to JERRY RINARD for pulling out the win.

Your BOX-O-FUN will go out this week Jerry!

Thanks to everyone who played. Hopefully it was a fun diversion and didn’t cause too much stress (although, I’m still having night sweats reliving the TYG vs LAIBACH bracket)

Until next time


Posted December 24, 2010 by admin